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Great Game Redux Analyses & Assessments

Great Game Redux

The emergence of the Taliban as masters of Afghanistan has created new equations for regional geopolitics with global resonance.

Chinese Checkers in Afghanistan Analyses & Assessments

Chinese Checkers in Afghanistan

Coinciding with the twentieth anniversary of its internecine war in Afghanistan, the United States is preparing to withdraw all its troops by September 2021.

G-7 Meet to Tackle Global Inequality Analyses & Assessments

G-7 Meet to Tackle Global Inequality

The leaders of the world’s largest economies have met at the Cornish resort of Carbis Bay for the 2021 G-7 summit.

Budgeting for Peace Analyses & Assessments

Budgeting for Peace

Through its European Peace Facility, the EU has sidestepped legal and budgetary constraints on foreign armed interventions and overseas military funding.

A Strategic U-turn Analyses & Assessments

A Strategic U-turn

The easing of American sanctions on the Nord Stream project has raised hopes of a more profitable business landscape for European allies, as they seek to recover from the ravages of the pandemic.

 ‘Boston Tea Party’ Online Analyses & Assessments

‘Boston Tea Party’ Online

The Milk Tea Alliance that has surged into an online transnational youth movement against authoritarian regimes in South-East Asia, must strategize and collaborate to be heard.

The Duel and the Deal Analyses & Assessments

The Duel and the Deal

With an infinitesimal lifting of the roadblock on nuclear diplomacy between the U.S. and Iran, it is hoped that all stakeholders bring fresh ideas to the table.

Shedding Historical Burden Analyses & Assessments

Shedding Historical Burden

By going against domestic public opinion, Seoul has not only jumpstarted a progressively deteriorating relationship with Japan but also strengthened Washington’s hands in the Asia-Pacific region.

Standing Trial Analyses & Assessments

Standing Trial

As Sri Lanka looks to India for support at the crucial vote in the UNHRC, persisting tensions in bilateral ties will be a niggling factor.

Delayed Call Calculus Analyses & Assessments

Delayed Call Calculus

Biden’s Middle East policy should not be viewed as a cooling-off period with close-buddy Israel, but rather as a calculated move to assert his policy imprint in the region.

Super Mario Gameplay Analyses & Assessments

Super Mario Gameplay

The new Italian Prime Minister will have to leverage his economic credentials and political astuteness to steer Italy through one of its worst economic and health crises.

Turkey aims to be the Middle East's King Analyses & Assessments

Turkey aims to be the Middle East's King

The country's successes as a heavyweight military power in the Middle East are reminiscent of the erstwhile Ottoman Empire and it's conquest.

Indian Geopolitics- Time to be a Lodestar Analyses & Assessments

Indian Geopolitics- Time to be a Lodestar

In an increasingly disruptive and changing international landscape, where staying neutral is no longer a safe option,India must find its compass to cement its place.

India- Nepal- China:‌ ‌Delicate‌ ‌Balancing‌ ‌Act‌ Analyses & Assessments

India- Nepal- China:‌ ‌Delicate‌ ‌Balancing‌ ‌Act‌

Nepal's public upscaling of the Kalapani dispute, along with the chinese military excursions has raised the spectra of broader anti-India collusion.

A Confrontation of Super Powers– Part III Op-Eds

A Confrontation of Super Powers– Part III

In the last of the three-part series, end-states to the confrontation between US and PRC are examined with suggestions for impartial intelligence.

A Confrontation of Super Powers– Part II Op-Eds

A Confrontation of Super Powers– Part II

In this second part of the three-part series, the fictional narrative discusses electoral politics, geopolitical powerplay and tensions between US and PRC.

A Confrontation of Superpowers- Part I Op-Eds

A Confrontation of Superpowers- Part I

A work of fiction, artfully evolved from the COVID-19 to highlight the dangerous spiral of events, if the narratives are not controlled with facts and reasonableness.

Chinese Opening Gambits Post COVID-19 Analyses & Assessments

Chinese Opening Gambits Post COVID-19

Recent aggressive Chinese moves have given rise to concerns that China is exploiting the distraction of the pandemic to push its own geopolitical agenda.

Economic landscape post-COVID 19 Analyses & Assessments

Economic landscape post-COVID 19

Viewed as an economic disaster without parallel with its first ripples laying low, it is feared that it will only get worse before getting any better.

Change of Guard- II Op-Eds

Change of Guard- II

Does the COVID-19 pandemic provide opportunity for China to don the mantle of world leadership? Article by Maj Gen Moni Chandi(Retd).