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The US president, Joe Biden, has promised full support to both Finland and Sweden in their membership applications to what he called a “revived NATO” in the light of t

Standing with Asia

With global attention riveted upon eastern Europe, President Biden's ASEAN summit was an attempt to reassure his Asian allies of continued American support.

The Nuclear Calculus

Will the invasion of Ukraine by Russia prompt non-nuclear nations to revisit their security architecture?

Growing Stronger Together

Despite their political differences, India and Australia are keen to promote trade and investment, besides cooperating in the Indo-Pacific.

A Malfunction Best Avoided

In the wake of the accidental missile firing, India needs to reassure the international community of the safety and integrity of its substantial and varied missile arsenal.

The View from China

Beijing is walking a fine line, retaining the equilibrium in the Russia-China axis while keeping the collective wrath of an enraged west at bay through intense parleying.

EU - Playing Catch-Up in Africa

The erstwhile colonisers of Africa, now banded together in the EU, are endeavouring to share in the African growth story.

Drug Industry Eludes Pandemic

While the pandemic has laid waste to most segments of the economy, illegal drug networks managed to flourish amidst the widening tragedy.

Freezing out the Games

The Sports arena remains a favourite platform for competing for political powers to grandstand their geopolitical differences.

A Political Move

Craftily manipulating democratic processes, Beijing had ensured that only trustworthy pro-China candidates could contest the recent legislative council elections, thus quietly strengthening its grip.

Biggest Piece in the Central Asian Pie

The ‘sudden chaos’ in Kazakhstan gave the autocratic regime a convenient opportunity to shift its narrative from governmental incompetence to national security issues.

Ruptures in CPEC?

Although China remains an ‘all-weather ally’ for Pakistan, the CPEC project has been hamstrung by corruption scandals, curtailment of funds and local hostility to Beijing’s debt diplomacy.

David Versus Goliath?

Lithuania has demonstrated that even smaller nations can wield diplomatic heft against hegemonic powers.

A Fragile Ceasefire?

The Taliban-sponsored ceasefire between the Pakistani Army and the TTP is at best tenuous, considering an absence of mutual trust.

A House Divided?

With Poland and the EU facing off over the supremacy of European law, has the unity of the post-Brexit bloc been compromised?

Iraq’s Electoral Canvas

In the backdrop of the Tishreem movement, Iraqi voters have taken to the polling booths, hoping to usher in a new dawn for the fledgling democracy.

Through the Prism of Indian Experiences

India can ill-afford to ignore the state of affairs in Afghanistan, which is a pivotal part of the country’s immediate neighbourhood.

Honouring Warriors of Free Press

In a world awash with misinformation, it is important to recognise the few brave-hearts amidst journalists who prevent the truth from getting suppressed.

Great Game Redux

The emergence of the Taliban as masters of Afghanistan has created new equations for regional geopolitics with global resonance.

G-7 Meet to Tackle Global Inequality

The leaders of the world’s largest economies have met at the Cornish resort of Carbis Bay for the 2021 G-7 summit.