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RCEP & India- Dodging Competition

RCEP & India- Dodging Competition

In a surprise move, Indian ‘Act East’ policy did a volte face when India opted out of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) raising questions about. competitiveness of Indian industry.


Hong Kong: Where is the violence leading to?

Hong Kong: Where is the violence leading to?

On 02 October 2019, in a clash with civilian protesters, a Hong Kong police officer shot an 18-year old secondary school student. The trigger for Hong Kong protests commenced on 29 March 2019, when a bill was introduced in the Hong Kong Legislative Council.

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Quantum Computing- Race to the  Edge

Quantum Computing- Race to the Edge

While Moore’s Law or the exponential growth of integrated circuits refers to the fifth paradigm of computation, Quantum Computers may well be the sixth paradigm, given that they work in a fashion...

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