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Electoral Bonds: In Search of Transparency

Electoral Bonds: In Search of Transparency


A flurry of RTI applications by activists recently raised questions on the electoral bond scheme in India. This scheme was introduced during the budget of 2017. The electoral bonds is a promissory note akin to a banknote that is payable to the bearer on demand and is free of interest. It can be purchased at select State Bank of India branches, by any citizen of India or a body incorporated in India. The bond has to be encashed within 14 days by the political party. The donors are anonymous to ensure...


The Maharashtra Muddle

The Maharashtra Muddle

The recent political shenanigans in Maharashtra can potentially be an inflection point in the increasingly unipolar politics of India. Since the 2014 general elections, the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party had firmly established itself the primary pole of Indian politics just as the Congress Party was up until the 1980s. While the party did power in several state elections since, but romped home with a bigger majority in 2019. In Maharashtra too, it should have been in power having won a comfortable if slightly reduced...

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Quantum Computing- Race to the  Edge

Quantum Computing- Race to the Edge

BackgroundWe are poised at the threshold of yet another generational shift in technology which has the potential to change long-held fundamentals in commerce, intelligence, military affairs and strategic balance of power. Since 2013, scientists have been working on processors using quantum physics for superpositioning and entanglement that could process more values simultaneously.While a...

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