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Easing the burden: National Social Registry Analyses & Assessments

Easing the burden: National Social Registry

Can the proposed National Social Registry alleviate procedural complications in disbursing welfare benefits in India?

Keeping the links:Internet from the Skies Analyses & Assessments

Keeping the links:Internet from the Skies

Amidst a deadly pandemic, the internet is a messiah to mankind. Will taking the invention to space make serve us better?

Education 4.0: Are We Prepared for IR4? Analyses & Assessments

Education 4.0: Are We Prepared for IR4?

India is struggling to produce an employable workforce. How can we develop our youth to meet the demands of the fourth industrial revolution?

Peru: Tarnished Gold Analyses & Assessments

Peru: Tarnished Gold

With soaring demand and indispensability of gold to industry, Peru, the sixth-largest producer in the world, struggles to keep the supply legitimate.

The ‘Right’ Politics Analyses & Assessments

The ‘Right’ Politics

Right-wing political parties are now dominating the political space across the globe. Is this the new normal signalling the demise of liberal...

China Cables: De-radicalisation or More Analyses & Assessments

China Cables: De-radicalisation or More

The so-called Chinese cables are said to give a key-hole view of the 're-education camps' in Xinjiang. Is this the panacea for radicalisation?

Global Inequality: Rising Tide Analyses & Assessments

Global Inequality: Rising Tide

With the world’s richest 1% (worth more than $1 million) owning 45% of the entire wealth, Global Inequality is out of control. Can the Gini...

Future of Security-Afghanistan Analyses & Assessments

Future of Security-Afghanistan

An unstable Afghanistan is a threat to peace. During Synergia Conclave, Nirupama Rao spoke about India's options in post-US Afghanistan.

The Great Tax Robbery Analyses & Assessments

The Great Tax Robbery

Is it time to address the increasing gap between the spirit and the letter of the law?

Future of Business-Digital Economies Analyses & Assessments

Future of Business-Digital Economies

Technology's promise is not only to automate processes but to open paths to new ways of doing business.

Is India Weaponising Trade ? Analyses & Assessments

Is India Weaponising Trade ?

India has raised the cost for trading partners who are critical of its internal policies. Is a robust external policy leveraging the growing trade...

EIU Democracy Index- Falling Ratings Analyses & Assessments

EIU Democracy Index- Falling Ratings

Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Annual Democracy Index provides a snapshot into the state of democracy around the world. This year’s dip in...

Innocuous Drones and Lethal Standoff Weapons Analyses & Assessments

Innocuous Drones and Lethal Standoff Weapons

A panel moderated by Vishnu Som, with two pioneers of drone technology- Group Captain Harsh Vardhan Thakur, and Squadron Leader Sameer Joshi.

Amazon Investment-Largesse or Liability Analyses & Assessments

Amazon Investment-Largesse or Liability

Jeff Bezos' offer of $1billion investment in India to create a million jobs has been met with skepticism and downright derision. Is there a catch?

Vaccine Hesitancy-Losing Faith Analyses & Assessments

Vaccine Hesitancy-Losing Faith

Medical science has used vaccination as its front-line weapon to eradicate many threatening diseases. Why is there a growing global skepticism...

Student Unrest: Moral Compass or a Disconnect Analyses & Assessments

Student Unrest: Moral Compass or a Disconnect

Student activism in premier institutions has been grabbing headlines. Are protesting students the moral compass of a society or is it merely their...

Encouraging Multilateralism Analyses & Assessments

Encouraging Multilateralism

Suresh Prabhu, MP, Sherpa to the Prime Minister at G20, delivered a Keynote Address during the Synergia Conclave-2019 and made a strong case for...

Future of Security-India's Neighbourhood (NSAB) Analyses & Assessments

Future of Security-India's Neighbourhood (NSAB)

Surrounded by friends and foes, India will continue to face myriad risks to its security. India cannot hope to remain prosperous in a poor...

Reimagining  Intelligence Analyses & Assessments

Reimagining  Intelligence

The new era brings with it new technologies that help in intelligence gathering but also ushers new uncertainties. During the Synergia Conclave-2019...

Digital Transformation of Defence Analyses & Assessments

Digital Transformation of Defence

In modern militaries, the rise of digital platforms is empowering the military, enabling better continuity of operations and bringing armed forces to...