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As the EU searches for alternatives to replace Russian oil and gas, the opposition to fossil fuels remains high in EU jurisdiction.

Hermit Kingdom Under Lockdown

While the world reeled under the COVID-19 pandemic, with rising fatality statistics numbing national consciousness in almost every country.

China-russia – Facing the West

Will the fractured geopolitical environment post the war in Ukraine force Russia and China into a closer alliance?

Is this the last one?

Mankind must ask itself whether, even after the Spanish Flu and the COVID 19 pandemic, it is doing enough to prevent future pandemics.

Timed to Perfection

At a time when the world is being divided into geostrategic blocs, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s European tour conveyed India’s concerns in the correct perspective.

The End of Roe v Wade?

A leaked supreme court draft hints at an imminent turnaround on the historic 50-year-old decision making restrictions on abortion unconstitutional.

Quantum Cognition in Modern Politics

The application of quantum social sciences to international relations can provide a toolkit to predict outcomes in international exchanges.

Bolstering Cybersecurity Protocols

Governments will have to work closely with private companies if they want to effectively address emerging cyber threats.

Future-Proofing the Metaverse

Policymakers must be prepared to deal with the entire gamut of challenges that are bound to arise from the Metaverse, ranging from misinformation to anti-competitive practices.

Declining Demographics

Despite many developing countries being unable to rein in their exploding populations, there are worries in some quarters about declining fertility rates.

A Cure Worse Than the Disease

The proposed Ken-Betwa River Link, being projected as a cure to Central India’s fast depleting water table, has many ecological pitfalls that need close scrutiny.

Do Vaccine Mandates Work

When it comes to public health, are vaccine mandates ethical/moral, or do they infringe on a person’s right to choose?

Market Design to Do Good!

Auction theory and matching theory are tools of market design that can be used to improve market outcomes.

Resurgence of the State

Post -COVID economic recovery is largely being fostered by a steady stream of state-supported investment and expenditure, foretelling larger budgetary deficits for the future

Is India Hungry?

While malnutrition remains the primary concern, a significant section of the Indian population is still calorie-deficient.

The New Face of Food Security

Along with farm productivity, diet diversity and prevention of nutritional deficiencies are key factors in bolstering food security within India.

The Nuclear Heist

The recent demise of Dr. AQ Khan, the father of the Pakistani nuclear bomb, will hopefully put to rest the controversies that he courted in his lifetime.

Mysterious Ailment or Diabolical Weapon?

With a resurgence of the much-dreaded Havana syndrome among U.S. embassy officials, there are competing theories about its origins.

Srilanka: Economy in Doldrums

While the COVID-19 pandemic may have exacerbated the economic crisis in Sri Lanka, there are a number of structural factors that cannot be ignored.

The Finger of Blame

While the Afghanistan crisis may represent a collective failure of the western coalition forces and their chosen Afghan political elites, the U.S. will have to share a greater degree of blame.