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Salvaging a Deteriorating Situation

On 1st May crisis talks on Afghanistan opened led by the UN. This should have taken place a long time ago.

Doomsday Clock: Ticking Closer?

The nuclear escalatory ladder was ratcheted a few notches higher by the Russian nuclear deployment in Belarus.

Reparations for Post-war Ukraine?

Who will pay for the reconstruction of Ukraine once the guns fall silent?

Putin: a War Criminal?

Issuing an ICC arrest warrant for President Putin could make a peace deal that much harder.

Africa: Russians on the Roll?

The Wagner Group is raising the Russian flag in conflict-stricken Central Africa as erstwhile colonial powers retreat in disarray.

War Crimes in Ukraine?

Following up on the robust influence operation conducted in the western media, EU has increased the pressure on Russia by creating an ad hoc war crimes tribunal.

Who Blinks First?

What does the future look like for the Ukrainian-Russian conflict one year on?


As the ceasefire collapses, TTP joins mounting socio-economic instability as Pakistan’s next biggest headache.


The key to ending pointless border conflicts is the development of local communities through cooperation.


The trajectory of the war in Ukraine has taken a turn, with the underdog going on the offensive.


The Russo-Ukrainian conflict will only be a cautionary tale for China, not a crimp in its plans to quash Taiwanese independence


Will the U.S. Fed’s rate hike accelerate the exit of foreign portfolio investments?


Amidst the chaos and destruction of war, there are opportunities lurking for the bold.

Economic Meltdown and Ukraine

The Ukraine war coming on the heels of the pandemic, has caused immense damage to the global economy, with the poorest and the most vulnerable being the worst affected.

Fissures in the coalition

There is a real possibility that prolonged sanctions on Russia may attract retaliation by Russia, which will be unacceptable to many of the European partners of the U.S.

An Expanding Arsenal

China's hypersonic glide weapon can reportedly penetrate missile defence systems, representing a critical escalation in nuclear strike capabilities.

Marshalling Counterterrorism Tools

While fears about the resurgence of cross-border terrorism have underscored the need for NATGRID, it needs to be tempered with privacy safeguards.

The Wildcard in Afghanistan?

As its fellow NATO members make a rather humiliating retreat, all eyes are on Turkey to see if it can play a stabilising role in the aftermath of Taliban victory.

The Politics of Jihad

Despite the ideological rivalry between the Taliban and the ISIS-K, the two sides have occasionally cooperated with each other to attain political objectives.

Tempering Cyber Sovereignty

As it prepares to roll out its national cybersecurity strategy, India must adopt a carefully calibrated approach to the nebulous concept of ‘cyber sovereignty’