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The Luisa González Victory

The outcome of the latest elections has consequences for Ecuador, LATAM, and, indirectly, the world.

Democracy Cambodian Style

While Hun Sen’s party’s victory surprised no one, the continuance of the regime could have significant regional implications.

Maldives: Critical Elections Ahead

The island nation’s presidential elections stand to affect the regional balance of power between India and China.

Brazil: Cornering of Bolsonaro

Is the electoral ban on Bolsonaro yet another case of victors suppressing the democratic rights of prominent political rivals?

Erdogan's Re-election: a Prognosis

After a nail-biting finish, incumbent President Erdogan pipped his rival to the finish post, but the real race begins now!

Thailand: Will Democracy Prevail?

Will a progressive win in the battle of the ballots strengthen democracy in the country?

US Presidential Elections 2024

As the election scene in the U.S. heats up, the countdown to the most-watched elections on the globe begins!

Finland: Leaning Right?

A change of government has come at a crucial time in Finland’s history as it once again confronts Russia as a NATO member.


Does the lack of the anticipated "red wave" indicate that the economy impacted the elections less than expected?


The political vacuum in Malaysia grows inevitably with successive incompetent governments.


Democracy in Brazil, battered by populist politics and polarised electorates, faces a rough road ahead.


Fragmenting all stereotypical questions, a tribal woman was crowned as the youngest President of India.

Macron 2.0

President Macron's victory in the Presidential elections raises more questions than answers.

The Traffic-light Coalition

The 2021 German elections usher in a new post-Merkel era, breaking the power status quo and giving rise to a coalition that could potentially create a new liberal consensus.

A Union in Crisis

SNP’s victory in the Scottish parliamentary elections appears to have reinvigorated sub-national movements across the UK.

Independence Invigorated

The first-time majority of pro-independence parties in the recent elections, have given a fresh boost to Catalonia’s fight for sovereignty.

Campaign Finance: Feeding Democracy

Campaign funding legislation has triggered a debate on transparency vs donor privacy. Is there a reasonable compromise to protect the right to privacy?

Taiwan Election- Dignity or Freedom

Re-election of President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan has signalled its determination to pursue a free and democratic way of life. Will this lead to more stress in Taiwan Straits?

US Presidential Elections

As on 13 January 2020, there are still 12 candidates in the fray. Which Presidential candidate is best positioned to beat President Donald Trump?

A Full English Breakfast For Boris

Boris Johnson concluded his early morning victory speech like only a journalist gifted with the pen of humour can. “Ladies and gentlemen, so let’s get Brexit done. But first, let’s get breakfast done…