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Fragmenting all stereotypical questions, a tribal woman was crowned as the youngest President of India.

Macron 2.0

President Macron's victory in the Presidential elections raises more questions than answers.

The Traffic-light Coalition

The 2021 German elections usher in a new post-Merkel era, breaking the power status quo and giving rise to a coalition that could potentially create a new liberal consensus.

A Union in Crisis

SNP’s victory in the Scottish parliamentary elections appears to have reinvigorated sub-national movements across the UK.

Independence Invigorated

The first-time majority of pro-independence parties in the recent elections, have given a fresh boost to Catalonia’s fight for sovereignty.

Campaign Finance: Feeding Democracy

Campaign funding legislation has triggered a debate on transparency vs donor privacy. Is there a reasonable compromise to protect the right to privacy?

Taiwan Election- Dignity or Freedom

Re-election of President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan has signalled its determination to pursue a free and democratic way of life. Will this lead to more stress in Taiwan Straits?

US Presidential Elections

As on 13 January 2020, there are still 12 candidates in the fray. Which Presidential candidate is best positioned to beat President Donald Trump?

A Full English Breakfast For Boris

Boris Johnson concluded his early morning victory speech like only a journalist gifted with the pen of humour can. “Ladies and gentlemen, so let’s get Brexit done. But first, let’s get breakfast done…

Electoral Bonds: In Search of Transparency

Free and fair elections are quintessential for an effective democracy. Does the Indian electoral bonds scheme supplement or undermine the fundamental tenant of ensuring transparency in the electoral…

The Maharashtra Muddle

The recent political shenanigans in Maharashtra can potentially be an inflection point in the increasingly unipolar politics of India. Since the 2014 general elections, the ruling Bharatiya Janata…

Aftermath of Indian Election results 2019

India’s Bharatiya Janata Party swept the opposition aside to win a second term in the recent national elections. . Will the sweeping mandate motivate the ruling party to rise above ideological…

Nagaland: North-East's hidden gem

Nagaland is situated at a crucial junction between India and Myanmar, accentuating its importance as a border state. Despite its geostrategic importance, the state has not experienced the same amount…

Odisha: prepared for the future

Odisha has arguably been the country's most disaster-ready state for the past twenty years, and the rest of the country could learn to emulate its highly effective evacuation strategies. However,…

Manipur: Imphal's development impasse

For decades, Manipur has been fighting active separatist movements which demand succession from the Union of India. In the extensive crossfire, the state has lost crucial revenue generation as well…

Mizoram: distance from development

Mizoram has a highly literate population but there is no robust employment generation nor is there any sign of rapid economic development. Carved out of Assam and been subjected to violent…

Meghalaya: Its raining opportunities!

Meghalaya receives the country's highest rainfall yet there seems to be a drought of development. Much like how the monsoon rain brings in relief for most of the country, Meghalaya's time in the sun…

Maharashtra: the Sweet smell of success

Maharashtra is arguably India's most prosperous state with the highest per capita income and strong performances in key HDI indicators. So, what is a threat to the state? Natural phenomenon arising…

Madhya Pradesh: India's beating heart

India's geographic centre is reflective of the many problems the country faces. Despite the sustained, fast-paced economic growth, key human development indicators remain unimpressive and represent a…

Himachal Pradesh: Mountains calling for renewable energy

Himachal's fragile ecology has been impacted by the surge in tourists visiting Shimla in peak Summer months. As a result, Shimla's rapid and unplanned urbanization is straining the state's natural…