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Change of Guard- II

Does the COVID-19 pandemic provide opportunity for China to don the mantle of world leadership? Article by Maj Gen Moni Chandi(Retd).

Change of Guard – I

Does the COVID-19 pandemic provide opportunity for China to don the mantle of world leadership? Article by Maj Gen Moni Chandi (Retd).

Emerging Viruses

Viruses occupy the frontiers of life, they shaped human history, created pestilences, killed more than wars or disasters and remain formidable foes.

Oil prices in a contango

Oil prices plummeted to its abyss, a 321% drop, on 20th April 2020. What would be the impact of contango on fossil fuels in the near future?

Post-COVID Geopolitics - India

India has the opportunity to engage in multilateral development solutions and share its best practises to strengthen systems worldwide.

COVID 19 - A United Front

While various regional blocs have successfully collaborated in the past to bring prosperity to their people, they now face a new acetous test.

Hospital Preparedness in an Era of Biological Disasters

'Preparedness for a Biological Disaster is the Ultimate Biodefense that Ensures Survival'. Article by Gifty Immanuel.

Proximity and its COVID Dangers

Where physical space itself is the panacea against the virulence of the deadly disease, low-income communities face up to social distancing in tight spaces.

COVID-19 & India' security paradigm

While India is preparing for the catastrophic economic after effects of COVID-19, it cannot afford to take its eyes off its security needs.

COVID and Conflict Areas

What does COVID mean for countries that have been facing a variety of conflicts in the last decade?

SE Asia , Surge and the COVID Strategy

With the latent surge coming to the fore in South East Asia, are there significant learnings that India can adopt?

Earthbound: Global Airline Industry

The airline industry often finds itself on the corporate frontline, when a global disaster strikes and when there is volatility in the geopolitical environment.

Healthcare in pandemic: Private versus Public

As COVID-19 infects more people, the role of the private hospitals in meeting challenges is coming under increasing scrutiny.

Frugality, the new normal

COVID-19 has brought us face to face with new realities that can transform life as we know it. Insights by Sanjay Jaju, IAS and Deepansh Somani.

COVID 19 – “Divine Wrath” on infidels

As the world grapples with the deadly virus, security risks have not abated, and we cannot afford to lower our guard.

Brain Decoders

Brain Computer Interface opens up a totally new vista in development of thought power.

COVID-19-The view from Russia

“The pandemic has changed the lives of people around the world, and it is not sure how it will end ”.

COVID-19 and its Impact on the Global Economy

A struggling global economy has been dealt a severe blow by COVID-19. How long will it take for the world to recover?

Democracies vs Autocracies in COVID-19

Global pandemics have contributed to the rise and fall of great powers in the past.

COVID-19: Out of Africa

Close ties between Africa and China are most likely to accelerate the transmission of COVID-19 into the African continent.