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No Longer Numero Uno?

Are we at the threshold of a multipolar world?

Xi Jinping as a Peacemaker?

Recently Chinese President Xi Jinping made an official state visit to Russia. The timing of the visit was propitious.

Keeping Immigrants at Bay?

President Joe Biden is caught in a bind trying to strike a balance between the liberal left and the extreme right on immigration.

Pakistan: in the Crucible

For the first time in Pakistan’s history, the common citizen has been brought face to face with the contradictions that make up their nationhood. Will they act now?

Pakistan: China’s Albatross!!

With their ‘deeper than the ocean and higher than the mountains’ friendship under stress, will China loosen its purse strings to write off billions in loans to Pakistan?

Israel in a Flux!

Middle East’s only true democracy is witnessing a spate of protests as citizens fear curtailment of the independence of the judiciary, the sole guarantor of minority rights.

Riyadh-Teheran: Foes No More?

The China-brokered normalisation of Saudi-Iranian diplomatic relations hints at a realignment of geopolitical relations and power centres in West Asia.

Iran: Striking 'white Gold'

Will the discovery of the world's second-largest lithium deposits provide Iran with an escape route from the stranglehold of UN sanctions?

Public Health and Climate Change

The congruence of two major threats-public health and climate change- are coming together to plague humankind.

Covid-19 Origin-shrouded in Mystery

Recent calls by WHO to reveal all information related COVID-19 virus has revived the controversy over its origin.

India & Germany-a Post-ukraine Reset?

Germany follows France and the UK to revisit its bilateral relations with India, emphasising India’s geopolitical relevance despite the shadow of Ukraine.

Does Rising Inequality Threaten Democracy in the World?

Democracy goes on a backfoot when economic survival itself becomes a challenge.

Are Sanctions Effective?

A year of comprehensive sanctions for Russia – have they worked?

Yay or Nay for the New Brexit Agreement?

A new Brexit deal has been agreed upon, but will it survive the test of time?

Nigeria: Keeping Democracy Alive

Peter Obi is the new star in the cloudy nightscape of Nigerian politics.

A Nord Stream Blast, Whodunnit!

Typically, an ‘expose’ by Seymour Hersh on the Nord Stream pipeline explosion has given grist to rumour mills and strengthened Russian accusations.

Lesser Work Hours-more Productivity

The success of the four-day week experiment in the UK may change the life-work balance forever.

The Mosi-2 Naval Drills

South Africa is currently undertaking joint naval exercises off its Indian Ocean coast with Russia and China code named Mosi-2.

An Indian 5th Generation Fighter?

Will the operational success of the Tejas spur India to come out with its 5th Generation Fighter in an acceptable time frame?

An Enduring U.S. Middle East Strategy?

As Ukraine continues to occupy centre stage, Washington has realised it cannot allow the Middle East to drift.