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Japan’s New Age Capitalism!

Will Prime Minister Kishida Fumio’s “new form of capitalism” jingle the growth counters for an ageing Japan?

ASEAN Summit 2023: Running Out of Steam?

The recently concluded ASEAN Summit failed to bring out any epoch-making agreements and it was business as usual.

NATO: Emerging Faultlines

As the war in Ukraine drags on, and NATO continues to pour treasure into propping up the Ukrainians, cracks appear in the Western Alliance.

Turkey: Spolier to India’s Global Ambitions

Turkey’s opposition to the IMEC should come as no surprise as Ankara finds itself bypassed by this mouth-watering deal.

Old Foes, New Allies

In a landmark visit, President Bien laid the foundation of a strategic partnership with Vietnam, which put to rest the lingering animosity of a war lost.

Endangering Carbon Neutrality?

Does the enlarged BRICS disrupt the dreams of achieving carbon neutrality before global warming gets beyond redemption?

The Drug Summit

Drugs play an important role in the economies of Latin American countries, and we will have to wait for the real outcome of the summit.

Running Out of Steam?

After decades of upward growth, the post-pandemic reality is that China’s economy is slowing down amidst many hurdles.

Re-Igniting Old Friendship

Recently, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has officially visited Russia. This comes at a critical time for both countries.

Falling Like Ninepins!

Gabon was the latest African country to join the growing list of nations succumbing to military coups.

India: Venturing Into the Mediterranean?

Israel, Greece and Cyprus have agreed to invite India to a trilateral summit next year. This is a huge opportunity for India in an unexplored region.

Schooling the Migrating Millions

Seasonal migration for work has been a reality in India for decades, if not centuries. What about the education of such children?

Pakistan in Crisis: a Perfect Storm

Is the growing unrest in Gilgit-Baltistan a symptom of a dangerous chasm opening in the country endangering its unity?

Zimbabwe: What the Future Holds

Elections in Zimbabwe appear to be more of a bane than a boon, ushering greater instability and confusion.

New Entrants to BRICS: Worthy Candidates?

An enlarged BRICS could work for the interests of the Global South, provided its inherent contradictions do not send it into a centrifugal out- of-control spin.

India: a Medical Tourism Destination

India can become a global destination for medical tourism. The general public in India becomes aware of its exemplary medical ..

US Elections: Trump at the Centrefold

The 2024 U.S. presidential election is still a year away, but the race is already shaping to be contentious.

India’s Energy Outreach: Has It Been Worthwhile?

ONGC Videsh’s three-year extension for the Vietnamese oil block in the South China Sea could be the precursor of India’s fresh energy outreach.

Zimbabwe Post Robert Mugambe

As Zimbabwe’s president Mnangagwa wins a second term in a dubious election, what is in store for the Zimbabwean people?

Investment Controls: Choking Global Trade?

As the U.S. and China joust over technology, markets and supply chains, the impact will be felt by the rest of the world.