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Tidal Impact: Ukraine's High Tides on Russia

High Tides In Ukraine Is Turning Russia Into A Tidal Wave

Israel: Settling the Question?

Israel is pushing for more settlements on the West Bank as the Gaza crisis brings the Israel-Palestine conundrum into focus.

Rwanda Vs. Drc: Will It Be War?

Tensions seem to be reaching a boiling point as Rwanda continues to back a Tutsi insurgency gaining impetus in the DRC.

Odysseus lands on Moon

Private Spacecraft Odysseus Lands on the Moon: A Historic Leap and a Glimpse into the Future

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

The Singaporean Push for Green fuels is an encouraging sign for saving the earth's climate.

Wagner 2.0: What to Expect?

With Africa now all the more important for Russia, the Wagner Group, in a new avatar, is likely to continue its operations.

Indonesia Elections: Power Continues?

If military vanguard Prabowo Subianto wins, he may carry forward popular incumbent president Joko Widodo’s influence.

India and Qatar: Gathering Momentum

The otherwise flourishing Indo-Qatar relationship has overcome the dark shadow of the ‘espionage’ case thanks to the maturity of the Qatari leadership,

Death in Siberia

The sad saga of Navalny continues to darken the political landscape of Russia.

Japan on the Moon

On 20 January 2024, Japan became the fifth nation to achieve a soft landing on the Moon despite landing setbacks.

Coffee Every Day!

Connoisseurs of this magical potion claim, 'Coffee is not a drink; it's a moment! Now, science seems to be backing them.

Internet Regulation: Sri Lanka Shows the Way

The Bill has thrust the nation into a heated debate, igniting concerns about its potential impact on both online safety and freedom of expression.

Return of Trumpism?

As Trump races ahead in the Republican nominations, what are the portends for this year’s elections?

David Versus Goliath Season 2

We see a re-run of the famous battle between the Big and the Small in the Middle East once again!

A Gut Feeling?

Gut health and “friendly” microbes in our digestive tract could play a key role in mental health and wellbeing.

A Thumbs Up for Dark Chocolate!

Despite India's traditional sweet tooth, consumers increasingly embrace dark chocolate rather than its more popular milky counterpart.

Mending Fences

India and Iran seem to be reaching out to each other again amid regional turmoil.

Moonstruck Nippon

Japan's Lunar Landing introduces yet another strong player in the renewed race for Moon’s reputed riches.

Practice of Medicine – Art or Science

The latest biotech discoveries have revived the age-old debate on the practice of medicine being art or science.

ICJ Orders Israel to Prevent Acts of Genocide: An Explainer

ICJ Orders Israel to Prevent "Acts of Genocide" in Gaza: An Explainer Will ICJ order hold any effect