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Qassem Soleimani- Predictable Surprises

The targeted assassination of Qassem Soleimani will continue to reverberate from Teheran to Washington. What will be the unintended consequences of this action?

Oman-Dawn of New Epoch

The demise of Sultan Qaboos bin Said, father of the 'Omani Renaissance', has left a void in mediation and diplomacy in the Gulf. How will this impact the Middle East?

Russian Reforms-Putinism Institutionalised

Putin’s Administrative Reforms have raised questions on their intent and scope. Do they point to an end-state plan or to a roost for post-2024 political influence?

LIBYA - A rebalancing act

Turkey’s decision to send advisers and extend military support to Libya, at the request of Prime Minister Fayez al Serraj’s Government of National Accord ( GNA ) followed an escalation of conflict…

The Killing Of Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani

The Pentagon confirmed that the Iranian General was killed, at the direction of the US President. Have we reached a new milestone in the evolution of 4th Generation Warfare?

East Asia: Spectre of a Nuclear Conflagration

Indications are that Kim Jong Un is on the verge of breaking off all negotiations on denuclearisation and is likely to stage a significant event to mark this break just before the new year. Does this…

Lebanon-The Mirror of Middle East

Lebanon located at the crossroads of the Mediterranean Sea and the Arabian hinterland has a rich history and a special cultural identity of religious and ethnic diversity. By Middle East standards,…

NATO - On the Decline

French President Emmanuel Macron, in a recent interview, has described NATO as, ‘brain-dead’. In its 70th year, the US-led military alliance is showing extreme signs of stress raising the question of…

Russia-Ukraine: Prisoners of Past

The recent prisoner exchange between Russia and Ukraine is indicative of a thaw between the two estranged neighbours. Will this spirit survive the deep-seated animosity?

Hong Kong: Where is the violence leading to?

On 02 October 2019, in a clash with civilian protesters, a Hong Kong police officer shot an 18-year old secondary school student. The trigger for Hong Kong protests commenced on 29 March 2019, when a…

Egyptian Protests- “Springing” Back

Egypt has been experiencing political unrest and upheaval in a continuum. Egyptians are back on the streets demanding the ouster of President Sisi. Are we seeing the first signs of a new “Spring”?

Sykes- Picot & Future of Syria

The present-day borders of the Middle East are the legacy of a hasty agreement signed almost 100 years ago. This has become the cause celebre for the turmoil besetting the region ever since.

Drones over Middle Eastern Skies

The precision drone attack by the Houthis targeting the economic heart of the Kingdom of Saud has finally given to the proverbial ‘David’ a weapon to measure up to his ‘Goliath’ like opponents. What…

The Future of Conflict: Myanmar

The failure of the international community to enforce favourable conditions for the safe return home of the Rohingya refugees has once again highlighted its incompetence against state-sponsored…

BREXIT -What Next?

The UK under Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to walk out from the European Union (EU) on 31st October 2019 without a definitive exit plan in place. What will this move entail for UK and Europe?

Russian Far East- India’s Act East Initiative

PM Modi’s visit to the Russian Far East, the first ever by an Indian PM, aims at economic inroads into this resource rich area in direct competition with China and other countries. 

Harbinger of Balkanisation

The rollout of Huawei’s 5G pilot in Russia appears to be the first salvo fired in the escalating conflict for cyberspace where competing technological poles will vie for domination of the digital…

Indian Boots on Ground in Afghanistan

By relegating regional countries including India as bystanders in the war against terror in Afghanistan, President Donald Trump has clearly shared his frustration at the slow progress in US-Afghan…

NATO and Turkey: An Imminent Divorce?

The increasing geopolitical divergence between NATO and Turkey has raised serious concerns on the longevity of Turkey’s future in the alliance. Do the two still need each other or is one holding the…

Indian Soft Power Grab in The Gulf

India PM Narendra Modi’s recent visit to India’s traditional allies in the Gulf Region-UAE and Bahrain- as a precursor to the G7 summit- was a strong projection of India’s economic and soft power…