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Untrue: The NEA using cameras to spot smokers at home

Rumours have circulated on social media earlier this week, claiming that the National Environment Agency (NEA), Singapore had put up cameras in Housing Board (HDB) blocks to catch people smoking in…

Disrupting a Kidnapping

In the fifth article of the series, ‘Dare to Disrupt’, Maj. Gen. Moni Chandi (Retd.) highlights the importance of humility and the ability to learn from one's enemies using the military illustration…

Reimagining Industry Post COVID 19

The pandemic brings challenges and opportunities for pharmaceutical companies provided they are ready to face up to them.

Thought Capturing through Influence Operations

Cyberspace has opened a gateway for adversaries to disrupt democratic processes and weaken liberal democracies

Fake news follows the migrant caravan

Misinformation and false statements are spreading online over the raging migrant caravan travelling towards the United States. Thousands of migrants have got as far as Mexico after the caravan which…

India & the United Nations (UN)

The UN works with the governments of nations primarily to maintain international peace and secondarily, to promote friendly relations between nations. The UN Charter was drafted and signed during the…

The real gold of Cyberspace

Cryptocurrency could create a transparent, decentralised medium of exchange, challenging the very concept of sovereign fiat currency.

Rti's Sweet Sixteen Moment

Though the Right to Information Act has had a good run so far, its future as a citizen’s tool to question the state, must be jealously guarded.

CNN ‘Journalist of the Year’ peddles fake news

A top European news magazine fired one of its star journalists after the discovery that he had been fabricating facts and sources in more than a dozen articles over a seven-year period.

Future of Security: The North East Dimension

Synergia Foundation hosted its 59th Roundtable Conference on “Future of Security: The North East Dimension”. The roundtable discussion featured the keynote address by Major Gen N George (Retd),…

Ripples in the South Asian neighbourhood

A rising China poses a challenge for all countries, especially those in its neighbourhood. What are the options available to offset the conflicts it could bring?

The Age of Pandemic Tourism

The beleaguered travel industry has to re-invent itself to emerge from the ashes of the pandemic if it hopes to seek a revival.

Blogger turns tables on cyber-scammer

A French security researcher says he managed to turn the tables on a cyber-scammer by sending him malware.

Facebook tackles fake news bots

Facebook has recently removed 500 pages and accounts allegedly over peddling fake news in the Central European, Ukrainian and other Eastern European nations.

US China Technological War

Synergia Foundation hosted its 60th Roundtable Conference on “US-China Technology Conflict and Lessons from the Peloponnesian War”. The roundtable discussion featured the keynote address by Dr. A.J…

Citizen Defenders at the Forefront

Civil Defence forms the innermost shield to guard the home and hearth of citizens in times of war and distress..

Millennials Shape New Business Culture

Youth entrepreneurship is on a mission to fulfil economic, social, and environmental responsibilities. Is this a heads-up for traditional firms?

Paris attacks: Call to overhaul French intelligence services

French intelligence services should be overhauled following last year's terror attacks in Paris, a parliamentary commission of inquiry has recommended.

April Fools and Fake News

Research from Lancaster University, UK, shows that April Fools hoax stories can offer linguistic clues to spotting 'fake news' stories.

Remembering Versailles at Hundred

The Synergia Foundation hosted its 62nd Round table to discuss the book, the Treaty of Versailles and the Remaking of the World--1919 -2019, authored by sisters Aloka Moulik Chatterjee and Achala M.…