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An imbalance in global trade has caused a shift in the value of several currencies, including the Rupee. Does this indicate the beginning of a global recession?

Economics of Robust Defence

Strategic alliances apart, India must look at its security needs through the prism of self-reliance, bolstered by robust economic growth.

Daunting Realities

The second wave of the pandemic has dealt a severe blow to the green shoots of economic recovery.

States in Dire Straits as GST Promises Turn Sour

With the Centre unable to abide by its commitment and legislation to compensate States for a shortfall in GST revenues, setting the stage for a royal battle

COVID-19: Supporting the poor

Is Universal Income the best system to support people during times of distress? Analysing the best version of free cash transfer that would help people the most.

India and FTAs: the next manufacturing hub?

China's role as the world's primary manufacturer is at risk as trade partners struggle to meet demands. Can India provide an alternate supply line?

Seeking Remedies for the Indian Financial Sector

The failures of IL&FS, PMB and Yes Bank have left the Indian financial sector in shambles. How can reforms change the landscape of our economy?

Revoking the Ban: Cryptocurrency in India

The Supreme Court has lifted the ban on trading in cryptocurrencies. How will the government create an effective regulatory framework to monitor digital currencies?

Disinvestment - Going Private

Public sector undertakings (PSUs), including profitable ones, are up for sale to generate revenue. Is this visionary prudence or short-term juggling?

ZBNF and Resilient Food Systems

Will Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) provide a holistic alternative to chemical-based agriculture and create resilient food systems.

Defence Budget-Dwindling Share of Pie

Defence Budget 2020-21 with a 9.4% growth, translates into an increase of Rs. 40,367 crores. How would this affect India’s defence preparedness?

One Nation One Ration Card-Digitalising PDS

One Nation One Ration Card (ONRC) is set to digitalise the Public Distribution System (PDS). Can it stem the systematic leakages and corruption?

Bodo Accord-Dawn of a New Start

The Tripartite Bodo Agreement endeavors to fulfill political, social and economic aspirations. Will it be the new norm for bringing peace in NE India?

RCEP & India- Dodging Competition

In a surprise move, Indian ‘Act East’ policy did a volte-face when India opted out of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) raising questions about the competitiveness of Indian…

Run on the Banks?

The run on Punjab & Maharashtra Cooperative Bank (PMC) has gripped the attention of Indians who trust the Indian banking system with their life savings. Will the country's beleaguered banking…

Corp. Tax Concessions-Stemming the Tide

From the financial year 2012, the Indian economy has been witnessing a slowdown in both savings and investments. To arrest this downtrend the Government has come forth with a slew of measures…

An Antidote to Economic Slowdown

In the last quarter of FY 18-19, India logged 5.8% growth. Some economists expect the GDP for the first quarter of FY 19-20 to be lower than 5.8%, suggesting that there is a structural issue with the…

US Sanctions impacts Chabahar funding

The government of India has reduced the previously allocated amount for Chabahar port from INR 150 Cr to INR 45 Cr in the Budget 2019-2020. What would the likely impact of the resulting slow progress…

India’s electric two-wheeler market

India proposes a policy that electrifies most of its two-wheelers over a 6-8 year period. Considering the failure to incentivise the car industry with a similar strategy, is this new proposal likely…

Indian exports and the US-China trade war

The US-China trade war is expected to have repercussions for markets around the world. A report by the Finch Group says that India's exports are likely to be affected by the trade war. What impact…