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Black Swan of the Decade Analyses & Assessments

Black Swan of the Decade

The deadly Coronavirus is disrupting global supply chains. How will countries cope with this unexpected “decoupling” from China?

The Year of the wRATh Analyses & Assessments

The Year of the wRATh

The Chinese economy, afflicted by the consequences of the US tariffs is only facing a greater setback due to COVID-19 outbreak. How will it respond to this double whammy?

The Paradox of Sudan Analyses & Assessments

The Paradox of Sudan

After decades of authoritarian rule, Omar al-Bashir is likely to stand the ICC trial. Is this the dawn of a new rule-based democratic Sudan?

IMO 2020: Making Maritime Green Analyses & Assessments

IMO 2020: Making Maritime Green

The shipping and oil industry worldwide is stirred up by the IMO 2020. What are the viable alternatives available for stakeholders?

The Iraqi Dilemma: Protests and More Analyses & Assessments

The Iraqi Dilemma: Protests and More

Iraq, a fulcrum of Middle East geopolitics, is trapped inexorably in the Iran- U.S. faceoff. Will it turn into a battlefield for a wider 21st Century war?

Turkey & Syria: Gathering War Clouds Analyses & Assessments

Turkey & Syria: Gathering War Clouds

Turkey and Syria are on the verge of open conflict over the control of the strategic Idlib province. Can the world avert an all-out war?

Powering Africa Analyses & Assessments

Powering Africa

Africa will be deeply impacted by climate change, despite contributing less than 3% to global greenhouse emissions. Can Africa balance these effects with its Growing Energy Deficit?

Delivering Justice with AI Analyses & Assessments

Delivering Justice with AI

State institutions of policing and prosecution are turning to AI for decision making. Will this deliver equitable justice?

Estranged, flat-lined or natural allies Analyses & Assessments

Estranged, flat-lined or natural allies

President Trump’s visit demonstrated the strong chemistry shared by the leaders of the world's two biggest democracies. Optics and cringe apart, were there significant gains from the visit?

Peru: Tarnished Gold Analyses & Assessments

Peru: Tarnished Gold

With soaring demand and indispensability of gold to industry, Peru, the sixth-largest producer in the world, struggles to keep the supply legitimate.

ISIS – On a Comeback Analyses & Assessments

ISIS – On a Comeback

Exploiting the weakened security environment in Iraq and Syria, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has begun to reassert. Can the genie be put back?

Europe - Pax Americana vs Pax Sinica Analyses & Assessments

Europe - Pax Americana vs Pax Sinica

Compelled to take a side in the US-China faceoff, its own unity in disarray, Europe is at a crossroad. Can it chart a safe route out of the gathering storm?

The ‘Right’ Politics Analyses & Assessments

The ‘Right’ Politics

Right-wing political parties are now dominating the political space across the globe. Is this the new normal signalling the demise of liberal politics?

China Cables: De-radicalisation or More Analyses & Assessments

China Cables: De-radicalisation or More

The so-called Chinese cables are said to give a key-hole view of the 're-education camps' in Xinjiang. Is this the panacea for radicalisation?

Disinvestment - Going Private Analyses & Assessments

Disinvestment - Going Private

Public sector undertakings (PSUs), including profitable ones, are up for sale to generate revenue. Is this visionary prudence or short-term juggling?

The Middle East -Reviving Europe’s Role Analyses & Assessments

The Middle East -Reviving Europe’s Role

Europe is steadily losing relevance in the dynamic political landscape of the Middle East. Can it arrest this trend?

Hafiz Saeed Jailed: Bending to Pressure Analyses & Assessments

Hafiz Saeed Jailed: Bending to Pressure

Conviction of Hafiz Saeed just before FATF review has raised eyebrows. Is the terror infrastructure under dismantlement, or is it a tactical ploy?

Brexit Accomplished? Analyses & Assessments

Brexit Accomplished?

Despite two general elections, the future of the UK remains a quagmire. What has been achieved, and what does the future hold for the former empire?

Indo-US Trade & Defence Agreement Analyses & Assessments

Indo-US Trade & Defence Agreement

With the US President’s visit, will India and US conclude the long-overdue deals?

The Locust Locomotion-Generational Foes Analyses & Assessments

The Locust Locomotion-Generational Foes

Despite plaguing mankind since time immemorial, human ingenuity has failed to create a defining solution. Do we need to relook at our counter-strategy?