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Written by industry leaders and in-house research experts, our papers provide actionable insights for government, policy makers and business leaders to effectively manoeuvre the political and business landscape of India and the world.

Research Papers

G.K. Pillai
Uncovering Trends in Security

The whole dynamic of security is changing in India. Rising inequality is going to develop into a crime epidemic, India – Pakistan relations are going to dramatically change in the next ...

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P.C. Haldar
Cyber 9/11

Cyber 9/11 is a catastrophic incident which will bring about a huge amount of financial loss, governance crisis, and widespread systems failures.

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Lt. Gen. Philip Campose
Optimal Warfare

In 1980, when Alvin Toffler wrote The Third Wave, he said ‘Force base warfare will be transformed in the future into knowledge-based warfare.’ We saw this happen in the first...

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V. Balachandran
Reorganizing Urban Disaster Management 

"The “World Urban Forum” meet (March 22, 2010) at Rio de Janeiro had warned that “mega cities” were merging to form vast “mega regions” which would stretch hundreds of miles...

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Praveen Swami
India's Capacity Crisis

For the last 10 years or slightly longer we’ve seen a consistent decline in every conceivable theatre of violence – our North East insurgencies have diminished....

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John Bruton
Withdrawing from the International System

Looking at the problems presently facing the World Order, I think the first important thing that we must notice is that the relative power of the United States is in decline, and...

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Krishnan Srinivasan
The 21st Century Silk Road

The Roman Empire was built around roads, the foundations of which still exist today. The British Empire was based on a mastery of the sea lanes, railways and the telegraph.

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PKH Tharakan
Reimagining Intelligence

Intelligence organizations have two functions - the generation or production of intelligence and the analysis of the intelligence thus produced. Intelligence could be generated...

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Jean Louis Bruguiere
Tracking Terror Funding in the EU

The financial dimension of a terrorist threat remains relatively unknown. In fact, the topic of terrorism financing is often neglected and not given much attention in terrorism discourse.

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Pindar Wong
The Cryptocurrency Security Model

No one is going to ring a bell when there’s a disruptive tech, and no one is going to ring the bell when you are being the one that is disruptive. This is a very key moment in time...

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HE Shyamal Datta
Two Sides of a Coin: Law Enforcement And internal Security

The response of the law enforcement agency in contrast to the internal security mechanisms are different. Now when it comes to law enforcement, the response has always...

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Air Chief Mrshl Fali H Major
Demystifying the Dragon

A lot is being made of China and for many years, India has put it on a pedestal. I don’t see the reason why. Being a military man, and specifically an air force man, I’ve always...

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