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Written by industry leaders and in-house research experts, our papers provide actionable insights for government, policy makers and business leaders to effectively manoeuvre the political and business landscape of India and the world.

Hon Sec Michael Chertoff
Decline of the Grand Strategy
We talk of a grand strategy that motivates nations, but those days are gone. The single grand strategy has been replaced by several little strategies. This doesn’t mean that the...
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Nirupama Rao
Reflections on India’s Foreign Policy
The canvas of Indian foreign policy rests on the strong foundation of Indian democracy. A leading power must also incorporate this recognition besides its strategic and economic strength.
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Melissa Hathaway
Securing Critical Infrastructure
Over the last 20 years, governments and industries have adopted and embedded information communication technology into every industry, contributing towards....
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Dr. A.J. Paulraj
Information Technology Express
The big five areas of technology, Biotechnology, Robotics, Information Technology, Nanotechnology, and Energy. are kind of intertwined and continue to drive the world...
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Joseph S. Nye
The Myth Of A New World Order
There is now a new myth regarding how terrible things are going to be in the future. We’ve been told that the US is in decline, but I’ve written a little book this year called...
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Sir David Omand
Rethinking Counter- terrorism
Terrorism has taken newer intensified approaches, and its reach is continually expanding. In this world of evolving technology, are there new tactics, methods and tools that can be...
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Carl Bildt
Europe: Not as free, Not as secure
From a European perspective, it seems that the world is changing, and not for the better. EU Security strategy started with the famous sentence."Europe has never been so secure...
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Dr. Arvind Gupta
The Cyber Factor
Today, matters of cybersecurity occupy top billing in the hierarchy of international security issues. Recent incidents of cyber terrorism, cyber espionage, cybercrime and the use...
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Tobby Simon
Drug counterfeiting
The pharmaceutical industry today is dealing with one of the most serious threats to the integrity of its supply chain – drug counterfeiting. A wide range of spurious drugs has been discovered..
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Tobby Simon
Captagon®: The Secret Weapon of ISIS
There are reports coming out from Kobani, Syria, of dead ISIS rebels being found with pills in their possession. Ekram Ahmet, a Kurd who fled , told the Mirror...
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Shivshankar Menon
The Present World Order
Since the 2008 global economic crisis, we have witnessed the end of the post-Cold War unipolar moment and the relative decline of the West; the fragmentation of the globalized...
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Chandana Seshadri
The Race for Precision & Digital Farming
The corporate sector all over the world is restructuring its operations through different types of consolidation strategies like mergers and acquisitions to face globalization challenges.
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