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India Can’t Breathe! Analyses & Assessments

India Can’t Breathe!

The annual occurrence of severe pollution levels in the National Capital Region is symptomatic of India's inability to balance its growth with an effective environmental policy.

Market Design to Do Good! Analyses & Assessments

Market Design to Do Good!

Auction theory and matching theory are tools of market design that can be used to improve market outcomes.

The Legacy of Putin Analyses & Assessments

The Legacy of Putin

Putin’s popularity has remained particularly strong among the older generation, while the younger population are keen for a change in the status quo.

David Versus Goliath? Analyses & Assessments

David Versus Goliath?

Lithuania has demonstrated that even smaller nations can wield diplomatic heft against hegemonic powers.

Resurgence of the State Analyses & Assessments

Resurgence of the State

Post -COVID economic recovery is largely being fostered by a steady stream of state-supported investment and expenditure, foretelling larger budgetary deficits for the future

Is India Hungry? Analyses & Assessments

Is India Hungry?

While malnutrition remains the primary concern, a significant section of the Indian population is still calorie-deficient.

A House Divided? Analyses & Assessments

A House Divided?

With Poland and the EU facing off over the supremacy of European law, has the unity of the post-Brexit bloc been compromised?

A Debt-strapped China? Analyses & Assessments

A Debt-strapped China?

Is the Evergrande crisis only a symptom of China’s larger debt crisis which may ultimately puncture its growth prospects?

Sci-fi Turned Reality! Analyses & Assessments

Sci-fi Turned Reality!

Metaverse mixes the real world with virtual reality in real-time, creating new paradigms for life on this planet. But will it be equitable and safe?

A Fragile Ceasefire? Analyses & Assessments

A Fragile Ceasefire?

The Taliban-sponsored ceasefire between the Pakistani Army and the TTP is at best tenuous, considering an absence of mutual trust.

Vagaries of a Shortage Economy Analyses & Assessments

Vagaries of a Shortage Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed the failure of ‘just-in-time’ production models, which are prone to supply chain disruptions.

Digitisation of Assets Analyses & Assessments

Digitisation of Assets

As NFTs and cryptocurrencies usher in a new decentralised world of finance, issues of ownership, authenticity and integrity will naturally gain importance.

The New Face of Food Security Analyses & Assessments

The New Face of Food Security

Along with farm productivity, diet diversity and prevention of nutritional deficiencies are key factors in bolstering food security within India.

A Forest-positive Future? Analyses & Assessments

A Forest-positive Future?

While the pledge to end deforestation is a positive move, it is crucial to establish a mechanism that ensures accountability and balances developmental concerns.

Press on a Short Leash? Analyses & Assessments

Press on a Short Leash?

Singapore has passed a new law that limits foreign interference in domestic affairs, which could potentially impede neutral press operations.

Iraq’s Electoral Canvas Analyses & Assessments

Iraq’s Electoral Canvas

In the backdrop of the Tishreem movement, Iraqi voters have taken to the polling booths, hoping to usher in a new dawn for the fledgling democracy.

The Nuclear Heist Analyses & Assessments

The Nuclear Heist

The recent demise of Dr. AQ Khan, the father of the Pakistani nuclear bomb, will hopefully put to rest the controversies that he courted in his lifetime.

An Expanding Arsenal Analyses & Assessments

An Expanding Arsenal

China's hypersonic glide weapon can reportedly penetrate missile defence systems, representing a critical escalation in nuclear strike capabilities.

Mysterious Ailment or Diabolical Weapon? Analyses & Assessments

Mysterious Ailment or Diabolical Weapon?

With a resurgence of the much-dreaded Havana syndrome among U.S. embassy officials, there are competing theories about its origins.

The Human Face of Climate Change Analyses & Assessments

The Human Face of Climate Change

A deluge of information on climate change has triggered a sense of anxiety and impending doom, especially among the young and the marginalised.