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Devastating climate events are occurring closer to our homes, a message that India must heed urgently.

States Can Make It a Win-win for Everyone

Perspective of Mr T.K.A. Nair, Former Principal Secretary to Prime Minister of India

Systems and Solutions to the Migrant Labour Crisis

Understanding the magnitude of the crisis and addressing it as a socio-economic issue from the perspective of the states, the migrants and the industry is the only way forward

Entire Asia Hit, but China Has the Mother of All Floods

There is inundation in many countries of the continent this year, caused primarily by the disregard for the ecosystem.

Failed Drugs, Fizzling Vaccines and Faith

With all our advances in science and medicine, are we not expected to fare better against the pandemic?

The Great Vaccine Rush

Is the dire need for a cure against the pandemic propelling us to ignore ironclad medical norms at our peril?

Chaotic Lockdowns Worsen the Pandemic

Is Lockdown the only weapons left in the arsenal of the State to stop the relentless march of COVID 19? And why it has failed to control?

On the fastest path to finding a cure: COVID-19

More than three months have passed since COVID-19 made its deathly entry into our lives. How far away is the cure?

Neighbourhood Virus: Are We Prepared?

Despite India’s proximity to China, COVID-19 has not yet become an epidemic here. But with new cases steadily rising, can India face the deadly threat?

Black Swan of the Decade

The deadly Coronavirus is disrupting global supply chains. How will countries cope with this unexpected “decoupling” from China?

The Locust Locomotion-Generational Foes

Despite plaguing mankind since time immemorial, human ingenuity has failed to create a defining solution. Do we need to relook at our counter-strategy?

The Australian Bushfires

Australia is being devastated; probably by the worst wildfires in history. Multitudes of bushfires have caused extensive damage across swathes of the continent. Like the Ostrich are we burying our…

The Undying Amazon Fire

Brazilian Amazon forests, devastated by innumerable fires have shrunk by 1345 square km rendering homeless countless species of flora and fauna and raising concerns about President Bolsonaro’s…

Sri Lanka faces severe drought

Sri Lanka’s state-run power firm has imposed daily power cuts for the first time in more than two years as a drought has slashed hydro-power output, highlighting the government’s failure to build new…

India grounds the 737 MAX

India will not allow U.S. planemaker Boeing Co’s 737 MAX aircraft to enter or transit its airspace after 1030 GMT, the ministry of civil aviation said, following the fatal crash of a plane of the…

Boeing’s 737 nightmare

After the second crash of its latest passenger aircraft model, China has ordered all domestic operators to ground the Boeing 737 MAX fleet pending an inquiry into the safety of the planes. The Boeing…

Measles cases soar worldwide

Just 10 countries were responsible for three-quarters of a global surge in measles cases last year, the UN children's agency reported, including one of the world's richest nations, France. Measles is…

Ebola center in flames in DRC

An armed attack on February 27, 2019 led to setting fires in an Ebola treatment center in the eastern city of Butembo in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The armed assailants became embroiled…

MSF suspends work in DRC

Doctors without Borders is said to have suspended all non-essential work in the Democratic Republic of Congo on Sunday, February 17th, after the abduction of two of its workers earlier in the month.…

12000 Chinese blood plasma contaminated

National Health Commission in China has warned hospitals to suspend use of 12,299 50ml bottles of plasma after it was found to be contaminated with HIV. The samples were taken from China’s second-…