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St. Petersburg Attack Analyses & Assessments

St. Petersburg Attack

On the 4th of April 2017, a suicide bomber detonated an explosive on a crowded train in St. Petersburg, Russia. The attack has killed 14 people with...

Supercars impounded in Chennai Analyses & Assessments

Supercars impounded in Chennai

On 26 February 2017, Sunday, ten imported cars - including a Ferrari, two Lamborghinis, a Mercedes and an Audi - standing in a row outside the...

Chennai oil spill Analyses & Assessments

Chennai oil spill

On the 28th of January, two oil tankers collided of the coast of Chennai at the Ennore Port; spilling an estimated 80 tons of oil and sludge into the...

Rail accident Analyses & Assessments

Rail accident

Are the Indian Railways (IR) becoming increasingly unsafe?