Synergia Impact

At the Synergia Foundation, we focus on bringing about sustained positive change at the regional, industry and individual levels through projects and initiatives that make a real difference.

We do this by engaging leaders from the government, business and society in accelerating the development of effective policies, private-sector action and public-private cooperation through a series of interventions.

We ensure that the impact of our efforts with each intervention delivers clear outcomes and action points. An ongoing programme of roundtables, workshops and seminars on issues relevant to each engagement helps us further drive purpose and action.

Expert Interventions

Offensive Tactical Response Training for First Responders

The Synergia Foundation in collaboration with the Bangalore City Police, the Railway Police Force, the Fire Services, Civil Defense & Home Guards, the Electronic City Industrial Township Authority (ELCITA) and the National Police Academy (NPA) organized a series of tactical training workshops on an innovative technique to counter various asymmetric threats that modern cities like Bangalore may face. The week-long training for over 300 security personnel focused on imparting crucial insights on taking decisions while in motion.

The tactical expert from Switzerland, brought in by Synergia Foundation, demonstrated several techniques, both for offence and defence, that could save hundreds of lives in industrial establishments and public spaces like railway stations, airports and malls.


Training Indian Administrative Service Officers

The Synergia Foundation delivered a training program on internal security and terrorism for the Probationary Officers of the 174th and 175th batch of Common Foundation Course at the Administrative Training Institute (ATI) at Mysore.

The newly appointed Probationary Officers from the State Audit and Accounts Department, Animal Husbandry Department, Deputy Superintendent of Police (Dy.SPs) and the Assistant Jail Superintendent participated in the training.

Policy Interventions


"Game Changers in Aerospace & Defence"-DefExpo 2020

Synergia Foundation has been a key participant in the dialogue at Def Expo 2020, the flagship event of the Ministry of Defence. The objective of the event was to develop strategies to acquire relevant technologies, combat disruption in military services, and create a framework to realise the "Make in India" project.

The Future of Security: Mapping the 5G Ecosystem, a government of India policy initiative.

Synergia Foundation's 55th Forum brought together 57 experts ranging from government employees, policymakers, scientists, technologists and service providers to fast-track India's path to 5G. A policy recommendation is being made to the government of India.

Make in India: Aerospace & Defence

Synergia Foundation, in partnership with the Department of Defence Production, Government of India, hosted a roundtable to develop a conceptual framework to actualize the 'Make in India' programme. The roundtable was attended by forty experts including CEOs, senior directors from the public and private sectors, policymakers, experts from the defence industry and veterans from the armed forces. A policy recommendation was made to the government of India.

Anti-Counterfeit Campaign

In a mission to increase awareness among the public, government and industry, to provide deeper insights into the threat posed by drug counterfeiting, the Synergia Foundation partnered with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) on the FICCI Cascade Seminar on Curbing Counterfeiting and Smuggling. A policy recommendation was made to the government of India.

Building Resilient Cities

This was an international workshop jointly organized with Government of Karnataka and Union Government. The workshop on Building Resilient Cities was held in Bangalore on the 5 th , 6 th and 7 th of August, 2013. It brought together practitioners, policymakers, and international plus local experts for a deeper exchange of current practices over disaster management and to identify possible gaps in order to build resilient operating procedures.

US India strategic partnership

The meeting was organized with the Ministry External Affairs. It was attended by Ms Nirupama Rao (Foreign Secretary GOI), Nicholas Burns , Richard Fontaine and Robert Kaplan of the Centre for New American Security, a think tank based in Washington .


Choke Points: Food & Nutritional Security

The Synergia Foundation along with the Department of Agriculture, Government of Karnataka organised a round-table discussion on Food Security. The primary objective was to bring together key stakeholders and gain a deeper understanding of the problem related to 'food and nutritional security' with special focus to Karnataka. The debate also included issues concerning 'triple burden malnutrition' and 'connected risk'. The event was attended by the Secretary of Agriculture (New Delhi), Minister of Agriculture (Karnataka), experienced policymakers and farmers from Karnataka.

Cyber Threats – Who cares & who will I call

Synergia Foundation along with the Government of Karnataka hosted a round table discussion on cyber security in lieu of cyber-attack occurring across the world. The discussion was titled Cyber Threats: Who cares & Who should I call?, was attended by experts and stakeholders from both the private and public sector.

Building counter narratives to CT and Countering Violent Extremism

Synergia Foundation had organized a Focus Group Meeting with the Pakistan High commissioner Abdul Basit along with representatives from media, academia and bureaucrats.

Foreign Policy and Strategic Technology

Synergia Foundation, in partnership with the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, organised a conference on " Foreign Policy and Strategic Technology" in November 2014 at Bangalore, Karnataka. The conference was attended by the finest practitioners, policy makers, scientists and subject knowledge experts to discuss mapping strategic technologies that exist in the country. The deliberations looked to explore possibilities of bridging gaps either by acquiring leading edge technologies or finding ways to build such capacities within the country. The conference provided insights into how both the country and industries look at enabling technologies to enhance their operating capability and compete effectively in global markets.

India- US Strategic Dialogue

'The Indo-US Relationship: Estranged | Flatlined | Natural Allies' dialogue was held to further a better understanding of the past, a handle on the present, and a peek into the future, which is quintessential to develop strategic thinking.

The key speakers were Ambassador Ronen Sen and Ambassador Latha Reddy.

The future of Security – Cyber & Supply Chain Challenges

Synergia Foundation, in partnership with the Department of Defence Production, GOI identified Cyber and Supply Chain vulnerabilities as a major threat. This conference was specifically for the Aerospace and Defence Industry.

Conflict Resolution


"Building Resilient Societies" – Conflict Prevention Vs Conflict Resolution Rotary Club of Bangalore and Rotary Bangalore Midtown

Synergia Foundation held a seminar at the Rotary Club of Bangalore and Bangalore Midtown on the impact of conflict, and discussed strategies to enable local leaders to mitigate conflict and assist in community-led peace efforts.

Conflict Resolution at State Level

Synergia Foundation presented a research paper about violent insurgency by Left Wing Extremists (Maoists) in nine revenue and ten police districts of Chhattisgarh, at New Circuit House in Raipur, Chhattisgarh. The session, 'Orienting the approach to Peace, Security and Development' was chaired by the Home Minister of Chhattisgarh. The former and current Chief Secretary and Additional Chief Secretary, and DGP Anti Naxal Ops were in attendance.

Conflict Resolution at Corporate Level

The Synergia Foundation has settled disputes that seriously affected the personal safety and reputation of top management of companies. Our intervention included matters concerning intellectual property and commercial disputes that required coordination with the government, fiscal and law enforcement agencies and judicial authorities.

Conflict Resolution for Diplomats

The Synergia Foundation intervened to resolve disputes between the diplomatic staff of foreign countries and private citizens on matters that seemed intractable.

Product Offerings

Affordable Healthcare Initiative

Using the systems, processes and tools of 'big pharma' to deliver quality and affordable medicine to the patient community, Synergia Foundation's sister concern, Synergia Biosciences translates existing validated public domain science to marketable products. A Quinine derivative injection, which took five years to develop at Synergia's US FDA approved facility continues to help patients afflicted with tuberculosis in developing countries. The second, an intranasal formulation for migraine is under development.

Securing the Chain of Custody

Taking its anti-counterfeit mission forward, Synergia developed 'e-Trace', a technology serving as an effective deterrent against drug counterfeiting. By providing visibility and traceability across the entire product life cycle, e-Trace enables manufacturers, customers and regulatory bodies to check the pedigree of the goods, thereby securing the chain of custody.

Women's Safety and Security Initiative

In response to the deliberations at the National Conference on Women's Safety and Security, held in Bangalore during March 2015, Synergia launched 'S-Guard', a mobile application that serves as a high-level deterrent to adversaries. With real-time monitoring, the app provides a high degree of assurance to both the organization and the family about the safety of the user even in closed environments.

Humanitarian Relief

Over 100 Million Lives Saved

Over the decades, the Synergia Foundation has brought about a breakthrough in affordable healthcare for millions of afflicted patients around the world. In over 200+ interventions, independently and with key global organisations, our work has consequently saved over 100 million lives worldwide.