Jan 21, 2021

Empowering the Internet through space: Limitations, challenges, and the future

To chart a road map for Internet through space


As the Internet becomes a lifeline for the human race, digital data through space may be the future to ensure equitable reach around the globe at increasing speeds. However, the unregulated use of satellites and outer space could lead to chaos, requiring a robust international regime. There is also the need to understand the cost dynamics and technological challenges.

Synergia Foundation is organising a round table with the finest minds in the field of outer space from India, the US, Israel, and the rest of Asia to assess and analyse the future of the Internet through outer space.

Focus areas of discussion

  • What are the key technological and economic challenges?
  • What are the key benefits in terms of reach?
  • Are there any security implications?
  • Is there a roadmap for regulating space?
  • Is there a timeline for evolution of the technology?