Synergia Conclave 2015: Cyber 360

November, 2015 | Taj West End, Bangalore

Cyber 360 was the outcome of two years of intense research by the Synergia Foundation on both the traditional and non-traditional aspects of cybersecurity. All the topics and panel discussions were aligned to the research outcomes. The primary objective of Cyber 360 was to bring together some of the brightest practitioners of security and policy to debate on the various topics.

Over the span of two days, Cyber 360 brought together key stakeholders from the government, industry, media, civil society and strategic thinkers on a single platform to analyse the current approach towards network security in an attempt to create a more holistic security framework to build resilience against cyber threats.

A range of keynote presentations, panel discussions and interventions from the participants who were selectively invited, provided a distinct opportunity to ideate and learn from leading cyber security experts, strategic thinkers, law enforcement agencies, government and media from all over the world. Cyber 360 was also able to highlight commercial opportunities that exist for technology companies in the cyber domain.


Key Speakers


Carl Bildt

Former Swedish Prime Minister

Shivshankar Menon

Former National Security Advisor, GoI

Dr.Aravind Gupta

Deputy National Security Advisor, GoI

Sir David Omand,Former Director of GCHQ

Sir David Omand

Former Director of GCHQ

GK Pillai, IAS, Former Home Secretary of India

GK Pillai

Former Home Secretary, GoI

Hon Sec Michael Chertoff, Former Secretary Home Land Security

Honorable Michael Chertoff

Former Secretary of the US Department of Home Land Security

Hormas Tharakkan, Former Director of RAW

P. K. H. Tharakan

Former Director of R&AW

Praveen Swami, Editor of Indian Express

Praveen Swami

Editor of Indian Express

Pindar Wong, Chairman of VeriFi (Hong Kong) Ltd

Pindar Wong

Chairman of VeriFi (Hong Kong) Ltd

Patrick M. Cronin, Director Centre for New American Security, Washington

Patrick M. Cronin

Director of Centre for New American Security, Washington

Melissa Hathaway

Senior cybersecurity adviser for President Barack Obama & Former President George Bush

T.M. Veeraraghav , Former Resident Editor, Hindu; Editor, CNN-IBN & NDTV

T.M. Veeraraghav

Former Resident Editor, The Hindu; Editor, CNN-IBN & NDTV

Latha Reddy , Former Deputy National Security Advisor, GoI

Latha Reddy

Former Deputy National Security Advisor, GoI

Bruce McConnell

Senior Vice-President, EastWest Institute

RK Radhakrishnan , Associate Editor of Frontline, Chennai

RK Radhakrishnan

Associate Editor of Frontline, Chennai

Dr. V.K. Saraswat

Former Chief of DRDO

Prabha Rao

Additional Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat, Govt. of India

Raviraj Rao

Head, Security Services Sales & Solutioning at Enterprise Security Risk Management, TCS

Avinash Vashistha

Former Chairman & Country Managing Director, India, Accenture

Ajay Nanavati,Chairman of Syndicate Bank

Ajay Nanavati

Chairman of Syndicate Bank

Key Topics

  • The New World Order
  • Cyber 9/11
  • Cybersecurity: A 360 Perspective
  • Resetting Intelligence: A New Approach
  • Cybersecurity: The Board Dilemma
  • Counter-terrorism and Countering Violent Extremism
  • Re-Imagining Media in the Age of Cyber
  • Building Cyber Capacity: Role of Industries
  • Threats to Critical Infrastructure
  • Digital Security
  • Smart Cities: How Secure?
  • Dark web and Crypto Currency
  • Internet Architecture as a Proxy for State Power
  • Hybrid Warfare
  • Cyber & Space
  • Conference on Digital Security: Investing in a Secure Supply Chain
  • Cyber Security and Space Security: High Level Expert Roundtable