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Palestine Analyses & Assessments


On 06 October 2016, the US (both White House & State Department) strongly condemned Israel for approving plans for new settlement construction, in West Bank.

Pakistan nuclear capability Analyses & Assessments

Pakistan nuclear capability

In July 2015, Dr. AQ Khan, father of Pakistan’s Nuclear bomb, said Pakistan could nuke New Delhi from Kahuta, within 5 minutes.

Columbian referendum Analyses & Assessments

Columbian referendum

On 02 October 2016, voters in Columbia rejected the landmark peace deal with FARC rebels. The deal was signed between President Juan Manuel Santos and FARC leader Timoleon Jimenez.

Free Speech Under Seize? Analyses & Assessments

Free Speech Under Seize?

The role played by social media platforms in high octane election campaigns has spurred fresh demands for more stringent regulations to control internet content

In House Ingenuity Analyses & Assessments

In House Ingenuity

By designing optimal systems and reconfiguring supply chains, Dynamatic Technologies has carved a niche for itself in the global aerospace industry.
Udayant Malhoutra, CEO and Managing Director of Dynamatic Technologies Limited.

The Strategic - Military Addressal Of China Analyses & Assessments

The Strategic - Military Addressal Of China

India needs to develop a stronger and cold-blooded ‘Strategic Response’ embellished in far greater discipline to counter a ‘Risen China’

Lieutenant General Raj Shukla, YSM, SM, GOC-in-C, Army Training Command

Battling New Covid-19 Strains Analyses & Assessments

Battling New Covid-19 Strains

For the vaccines to address all strains of the virus, an inclusive, open architecture is preferred

Font of Knowledge Analyses & Assessments

Font of Knowledge

Wikipedia, with its ability to open the world at the casual click of a mouse, is fast emerging as the leading referral source for a knowledge-hungry world, all without charging a dime

Oracle and Tiktok: a Match Made in Heaven? Analyses & Assessments

Oracle and Tiktok: a Match Made in Heaven?

With both tech companies talking at cross purposes, it is anybody's guess when the Trump-blessed deal will walk the rocky path up the aisle.

A Favourable Anomaly Called Donald Trump Analyses & Assessments

A Favourable Anomaly Called Donald Trump

Despite his administrative blunders and his brash criticism of his rivals, one cannot be dismissive of President Trump's chances in the November elections. His oddities are what keep his supporters glued to his side, come what may.

The Dichotomy of China's Green Pledge Analyses & Assessments

The Dichotomy of China's Green Pledge

Will Beijing fulfil its public undertaking on carbon neutrality when its economic goals are at conflict with environmental targets?

Chinks in Putin’s Armour Analyses & Assessments

Chinks in Putin’s Armour

Putin's credential as a strongman in foreign policy has been put to the test by a series of crises in his own backyard

Seeking a 'holy Alliance' Analyses & Assessments

Seeking a 'holy Alliance'

While the Vatican may have had a role in the ultimate collapse of the Soviet Empire, its present-day forays in international power games is unlikely to mirror its earlier success

Risk Taking For Economic Revival Analyses & Assessments

Risk Taking For Economic Revival

'Countries have to be brave enough to take bold decisions on a fiscal policy for the future'

Future Conflict Scenarios Analyses & Assessments

Future Conflict Scenarios

Air Marshal Anil Khosla, PVSM, AVSM, VM, ADC is a retired Indian air force officer who served as the 41st Vice Chief of the Air Staff (VCAS) of the Indian Air Force between 2018 and 2019

Aero India 2021-stepping Up Defence Manufacturing Analyses & Assessments

Aero India 2021-stepping Up Defence Manufacturing

The marquee event in Bengaluru can spearhead growth in the indigenous defence and aerospace sectors and help India inch closer to its 2024 targets. Subhash Chandra is the former Secretary, Defence Production, Ministry of Defence, GoI

Where Will Asia Fight? On The Margins Analyses & Assessments

Where Will Asia Fight? On The Margins

The populous Asian landmass is prone to host of internal and external conflicts which will continue to retard its march to peace and prosperity

Feral Fire Under the Ice Analyses & Assessments

Feral Fire Under the Ice

A world battered by the pandemic must awaken to the new danger of global warming that can free deadly pathogens trapped in the permafrost for eons.

Overwhelmed by ‘trumpism?’ Analyses & Assessments

Overwhelmed by ‘trumpism?’

Trump’s impetuous actions on the eve of his departure sent tremors through the Grand Old Party. How will the GOP ride out the present storm?

Ethics in Military Use of Ai Analyses & Assessments

Ethics in Military Use of Ai

With the right resolve, ‘AI Partnership for Defence’ can become the precursor to a global framework on ethical uses of military AI.