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The BJP Cadres in Poll-Bound Uttar Pradesh

February 4, 2017 | Expert Insights

The Bharatiya Janata Party over the past few weeks has been racked by protests over the choice of candidates for the U.P. Assembly polls. The resentment continues to fester, there is unease about the spreading disquiet in the cadres who may not commit wholeheartedly to the campaign in the vital run up to the elections.

Three Words Are Doing the Rounds

Three words are doing the rounds in the BJP cadre: "survey", "chaploos" (sycophants) and "Ganesh parikrama"

BJP had never seen such a backlash, the BJP high command was overly relying on Modi's pull and cold caste calculations, forgetting the human angle. The BJP president Amit Shah had made it clear that those with a real chance of winning would be given tickets. He also told party workers that hard work would be recognized and rewarded. But BJP workers feel that several candidates who have been given tickets fulfil neither criteria.

Anger at Amit Shah

The prevailing uncertainty and confusion over the choice of candidates has triggered various rumours from the selling of tickets for money to sabotage.