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Hafiz Saeed Jailed: Bending to Pressure Analyses & Assessments

Hafiz Saeed Jailed: Bending to Pressure

Conviction of Hafiz Saeed just before FATF review has raised eyebrows. Is the terror infrastructure under dismantlement, or is it a tactical ploy?

Brexit Accomplished? Analyses & Assessments

Brexit Accomplished?

Despite two general elections, the future of the UK remains a quagmire. What has been achieved, and what does the future hold for the former empire?

Indo-US Trade & Defence Agreement Analyses & Assessments

Indo-US Trade & Defence Agreement

With the US President’s visit, will India and US conclude the long-overdue deals?

The Locust Locomotion-Generational Foes Analyses & Assessments

The Locust Locomotion-Generational Foes

Despite plaguing mankind since time immemorial, human ingenuity has failed to create a defining solution. Do we need to relook at our counter-...

ZBNF and Resilient Food Systems Analyses & Assessments

ZBNF and Resilient Food Systems

Will Zero Budget Natural Farming (ZBNF) provide a holistic alternative to chemical-based agriculture and create resilient food systems.

Defence Budget-Dwindling Share of Pie Analyses & Assessments

Defence Budget-Dwindling Share of Pie

Defence Budget 2020-21 with a 9.4% growth, translates into an increase of Rs. 40,367 crores. How would this affect India’s defence preparedness?

One Nation One Ration Card-Digitalising PDS Analyses & Assessments

One Nation One Ration Card-Digitalising PDS

One Nation One Ration Card (ONRC) is set to digitalise the Public Distribution System (PDS). Can it stem the systematic leakages and corruption?

Global Inequality: Rising Tide Analyses & Assessments

Global Inequality: Rising Tide

With the world’s richest 1% (worth more than $1 million) owning 45% of the entire wealth, Global Inequality is out of control. Can the Gini...

President Trump’s Palestine Solution Op-Eds

President Trump’s Palestine Solution

Is President Trump's much-awaited Palestinian Peace Plan the ‘Deal of the Century’ or merely ‘Clapping with one hand!’

Huawei- Caught in the Cross Fire Analyses & Assessments

Huawei- Caught in the Cross Fire

Huawei has reported buoyant sales in 2019 despite US efforts to undermine its global market presence. Will US trade sanctions enervate the Chinese...

Bodo Accord-Dawn of a New Start  Analyses & Assessments

Bodo Accord-Dawn of a New Start

The Tripartite Bodo Agreement endeavors to fulfill political, social and economic aspirations. Will it be the new norm for bringing peace in NE India?

Future of Security-Afghanistan Analyses & Assessments

Future of Security-Afghanistan

An unstable Afghanistan is a threat to peace. During Synergia Conclave, Nirupama Rao spoke about India's options in post-US Afghanistan.

Coronavirus - Epidemic or a Pandemic Analyses & Assessments

Coronavirus - Epidemic or a Pandemic

A new virus that has gained traction in China has begun a global spread, and the world is now alarmed.

The Great Tax Robbery Analyses & Assessments

The Great Tax Robbery

Is it time to address the increasing gap between the spirit and the letter of the law?

Qassem Soleimani- Predictable Surprises Analyses & Assessments

Qassem Soleimani- Predictable Surprises

The targeted assassination of Qassem Soleimani will continue to reverberate from Teheran to Washington. What will be the unintended consequences of...

Is India Weaponising Trade ? Analyses & Assessments

Is India Weaponising Trade ?

India has raised the cost for trading partners who are critical of its internal policies. Is a robust external policy leveraging the growing trade...

Oman-Dawn of New Epoch Analyses & Assessments

Oman-Dawn of New Epoch

The demise of Sultan Qaboos bin Said, father of the 'Omani Renaissance', has left a void in mediation and diplomacy in the Gulf. How will this impact...

Internet- A Fundamental Right Analyses & Assessments

Internet- A Fundamental Right

In a recent landmark judgment, the Hon'ble Supreme Court declared internet access as a fundamental right. This has implications for citizens' rights...

Future of Business-Digital Economies Analyses & Assessments

Future of Business-Digital Economies

Technology's promise is not only to automate processes but to open paths to new ways of doing business.

EIU Democracy Index- Falling Ratings Analyses & Assessments

EIU Democracy Index- Falling Ratings

Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Annual Democracy Index provides a snapshot into the state of democracy around the world. This year’s dip in...