Focus Areas


At Synergia Foundation, we engage leaders from government, business and society to influence global, regional and industry agendas. To enable positive change, we work with all stakeholders to understand and address the challenges and opportunities that affect them. Through our dedicated and objective research that is reinforced by sophisticated analytical tools, we aim to develop practical methods that assist and complement leaders in understanding, embracing and solving strategic challenges and transforming the way people think.

Key Differentiators

Innovation | Focus Areas | Synergia Foundation


In-house research team that analyse real time primary information to develop non-partisan assessments and products

Intelligence | Focus Areas | Synergia Foundation


Collaborate with some of the finest subject matter experts, academic institutions and think tanks from around the world

Intervention | Focus Areas | Synergia Foundation


We ensure that the impact of our efforts with each intervention delivers clear outcomes and results

Impact | Focus Areas | Synergia Foundation


Unrivalled track record of providing solutions in risk management, conflict resolution, supply chain and cyber security

Our Focus Areas