December 16, 2019

The Treaty of Versailles and Remaking of the World 1919-2019

  • Achala Moulik IAS Former Education Secretary, GoI

    Achala Moulik IAS
    Former Education Secretary, GoI

In 2019, in the multilateral world, the rivalry for power and influence, garnering of valuable fuel resources, keeping alive the arms industry has created a new world of turmoil–whose outcome cannot be predicted.


While the Western world, particularly Europe, has commemorated the centenary of the signing of the Treaty of Versailles at sombre ceremonies, televisions and publications, the event has gone largely unnoticed in India. Yet the effects of this treaty profoundly affected India as it did in the non-western world. It had epochal aftermath across a century. Both world wars profoundly changed the western and non-western world. In this book, the authors,  Ms Aloka Moulik Chatterjee and Ms Achala Moulik, show the complexities of the new geopolitical scene, the exponential technological progress, the new rivalries for power and prosperity in the West and East that once more challenge international peace and security.

Focus areas of discussion

  • Inter-War Period 
  • Rise of Nationalism
  • Disintegration of USSR
  • Injustice of Versailles


Achala Moulik IAS
Achala Moulik IAS
Former Education Secretary, GoI

<p>Achala Moulik graduated inEconomics, International History and International Law from London University-at the University College, London. She served in various posts, such as Education Secretary, GoI. She was Director General of Archaeological Survey of India and was Chairman of the Bangalore Development of Authority. Her play "Pushkin's Last Poem" was performed in Moscow and Petersburg to standing ovation. The Russian Government awarded her the prestigious Pushkin Medal and the Yesenin Prize in recognition of her work on Russian history and culture.</p>