Feb 15, 2021

Future of Biosecurity Threats

Determining global parameters for a successful vaccine and identifying future biosecurity threats including bio-warfare that can affect business and society


Climate change and global health policy are largely treated as separate issues by the public and the media. Do we need to adjust our thinking?

As the quest for an effective COVID-19 vaccine continues around the world, there is a need for clarity on several fundamental questions. Along with a road map for equitable delivery of the vaccine, there needs to be a systematic international exercise in coordination. A race of nationalism over the vaccine could be disastrous and governments need to rise to the occasion. Establishing the trust of citizens is essential and evolving standard global parameters to decide on the best vaccine and delivery modalities is imperative.

Focus areas of discussion

  • Biosecurity: New-age bio-threats and bio-risk
  • Understand the coronavirus – pandemics are here to stay
  • Food safety, Plant health, and Agro-terrorism
  • Bio-warfare – Lab microbes, Dual-use tech, and Remediation