May 3, 2019

Contours for a Resolution to the Kashmir Conflict

  • Maj. Gen. Moni Chandi (Retd.) Chief Strategic Officer, Synergia Foundation

    Maj. Gen. Moni Chandi (Retd.)
    Chief Strategic Officer, Synergia Foundation

The Kashmir conflict has plagued relations between the nuclear-armed countries of India and Pakistan ever since their independence in 1947. Despite 70 years of extended hostilities, the conflict has yet to make significant progress in the march towards peace. What are possible end-states to the conflict? Maj.Gen. Moni Chandi (retd.), Chief Strategic Officer, Synergia Foundation, brings his wealth of experience as a soldier, engineer, counter-terrorist commando, UN peacekeeper and security professional together to this forum.


The first conflict between India and Pakistan, over the state of Jammu and Kashmir, broke out in October 1948. Since then, there have been at least three other overt conflicts in 1965, 1971 and 1999. For the last three decades, India has accused Pakistan of instigating violence in the Kashmir Valley. Pakistan has denied any role in the conflict, claiming the violence to be an indigenous movement. Indian diplomats claim that Pakistan is practising the doctrine of ‘Plausible Deniability’ by providing sanctuary, training, administrative and operational support to terrorist groups, yet diplomatically denying involvement.

General Chandi attempts to answer a question foremost in the minds of Kashmiri youth; “Why have India and Pakistan failed to resolve the Kashmir dispute, even after seven decades?” He goes on to identify the various stakeholders, make assessments on their perceptions and describe possible end-states.


Focus areas of discussion

  • Have there been missed opportunities for durable peace in Kashmir?
  • What do the Kashmiri people really want?
  • Who are the various stakeholders to the Kashmir conflict and what are their interests?
  • How can the interests of the key stakeholders be met for a peaceful resolution?
  • What are possible end-states to this conflict?



Maj. Gen. Moni Chandi (Retd.)
Maj. Gen. Moni Chandi (Retd.)
Chief Strategic Officer, Synergia Foundation

Gen. Chandi is a retired Indian Army officer, who brings to the foundation skills of a soldier, an engineer, a counter-terrorist commando, a UN peacekeeper and security professional. A former Major General and Inspector General of the elite National Security Guard, he is an enthusiastic analyst, an articulate speaker and a prolific writer.