Synergia Conclave 2013: Building Resilient Cities

August, 2013 | Bangalore

With unforeseen disruptions in a volatile world today, it becomes increasingly difficult to predict what is around the curve. Leveraging on our capacity, our approach is to transform the way people react to these disruptions, and turn risks into opportunities. Over the past three years we organised many workshops around the world with Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Center for Transportation and Logistics (MIT CTL) on building resilience in the chain of custody, especially with the pharmaceutical and aerospace industries. The move was fruitful in developing measures to mitigate critical concerns such as counterfeiting, product recalls, and loss of Intellectual Property (IP). The success of this venture inspired us to take capacity-building to the next level, and start the Building Resilience initiative.

This will bring together experts from academia, politics and industry onto a platform for an exchange of insight, ideas, tools and methodologies on gaining comprehensive solutions to very real risks that we face today. This, in turn will result in the development of leading edge practices that can be implemented, and technology and knowledge that can be incubated and disseminated.

Building Resilience initiative, we believe, is a progressive step towards a resilient and more sustainable future.

Key Speakers

Sri. Siddaramaiah

Hon'ble Chief Minister of Karnataka

V Balachandran

Special Secretary (Retd), Cabinet Secretariat, GoI

Tushar Girinath

Secretary of Revenue Department, Govt. of Karnataka

Shashidhar Reddi

Vice Chairman, National Disaster Management Authority of India

KJ George

Minister for Home affairs, Government of Karnataka

MN Reddi

IPS, ADGP, Law & Orde

Alok Mohan


Praveen Swami, Editor of Indian Express

Praveen Swami

Editor of Indian Express

SK Pattanayak

IAS, Additional Chief Secretary, Home

Ashit Mohan Prasad

IPS, Chief of Police Intelligence

Pradeep Singh Kharola

IAS, The Chairman and Managing Director of Air India

Kaushik Mukherjee

IAS, Chief Secretary of Karnataka

Ceng Sagnic

Analyst, Institute of Terrorism Research & Response, Tel Aviv

Eric Oddo

Senior Policy Analyst, Maryland, USA

Dr. LV Krishnan

Associate Editor of Frontline, Chennai

Dr Lt. Col Shailesh Kulkarni

Faculty of NBC Protection, Pune

Key Topics

  • Lessons Learned From Mumbai 26/11
  • Panel Discussion on Karnataka Security - The Current Status
  • Experiences in Uttarakhand
  • The Role of Media in National Security
  • Genesis of Urban Terror & Its Manifestations in The Future
  • Continuity of Operations Planning & ICS
  • Panel Discussion on Emergency Response to NBC Threats
  • Role of Information in Proactive Decision-making
  • Tactical Medicine & Tabletop Simulation on Mass Casualty
  • Role of Technology in Proactive Security