Bird's Eye View


First to organise an international conclave on “5G-AI-Cloud-Industry 4.0- Promise and Vulnerabilities” with the Winner of Marconi Prize & IEEE Alexander Graham Bell Medal.

'Intelligence Connectivity' while riding on the superhighway of 5G will enable a congruence of mobile edge computing, IoT, A.I., automation, robotics, V.R. etc. While it promises to transform the professional and personal world, it offers lucrative targets for non-state and state-sponsored cyber criminals.


Organised a Forum on “The Future of Cloud Security” with the Former Israeli Deputy NSA, National Cyber Security Coordinator, PM’s Office, GoI and Cyber Security Solutions Architect at Cisco System to better understand the complexities and trade-offs associated with cloud security, robustness, and resilience.

Organized a Forum on Digital Humans and the future of Humanity: Charting a humane future with AI with Jeanne Lim, Co-creator of Sophia, the first humanoid robot.


Organised a conference on “The Role of International Co-Operation in Strategic Technology” jointly with the Ministry of external affairs in August 2014. Synergia brought together some of the finest practitioners, policymakers, scientists and subject knowledge experts onto a single platform for mapping strategic technologies that exist in the country. The purpose of this focus group was to identify the various gaps that are currently existing between the various technologies and to explore possibilities of bridging these gaps.


First to write a report on “The Role of International Co-Operation in Strategic Technology” along with the Ministry of External Affairs in 2013

First to present a report of Building a resilient 5G ecosystem in India to the Government of India. Organized several workshops with the Secretary, Minsitry of Telecommunication GOI, Secretary Ministry of Electronics GOI, Secretary Ministry of Defence GOI and the National Cyber Security Coordinator of India