Research Report

Securing Critical Infrastructure

Melissa Hathaway

Melissa Hathaway

President, Hathaway Global Strategies

Over the last 20 years, governments and industries have adopted and embedded information communication technology into every industry, contributing towards improvements in connectivity, productivity and ultimately in the country's GDP growth. 

We have advanced manufacturing with internet-based technologies, and we are also using robotics technology which is coming to replace manpower; we have energy grids that are no longer isolated, allowing energy flow from an office to anywhere around the world; we have smart agriculture systems where we are tracking the amount of water and chemicals needed for the crops; we have all experienced commerce where there are free movement of goods and services through the internet and internet-based applications. 

In many ways, we have created a glasshouse, and there is no resilience within our corporations and within our country -this is a strategic vulnerability for all countries.

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