Research Report

Demystifying the Dragon

Air Chief Mrshl Fali H Major

Air Chief Mrshl Fali H Major

Former Member of NSA, GoI

A lot is being made of China and for many years, India has put it on a pedestal. I don’t see the reason why. Being a military man, and specifically an air force man, I’ve always believed that notwithstanding the Doklam impasse and a few incursions, China appears to be engaged in minor skirmishes and tactical actions. This is not to say that we should ignore them. We should actually learn from them because they’re going to teach us a lot about what Chinese intentions really are.  

In the recent past, we’ve been hearing about a two-front war between India, China, and Pakistan. When it comes to the two-front war, we have been quick to make India the victim nation without realizing that we are talking about 3 nuclear powers at war. ed about and we made India the victim nation, have we realized we are talking about 3 nuclear powers at war? It will be a mini world war, so to speak. Can you imagine any corner of the world with three nuclear powered nations at war, and do you think the rest of the world is going to simply sit back and watch? The answer is no.

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