Bird's Eye View


Organized an international conclave on the Avian Flu Pandemic jointly with IIM Bangalore & IIT Kanpur in 2008. First to simulate a pandemic attack and its impact on government and industry.

Organized an international conclave with the Government of Karnataka and Government of India on Traditional and Non-traditional threats including Biological, Chemical and Nuclear threats in 2013 and its impact on national security.


Organized round tables with senior practisioner to better understand COVID and submitted an exit strategy to the GoI and Government of Karnataka.

Organized a forum with University of Oxford and the Principal Scientific Advisor GoI on Accelerating the development of novel and affordable therapies in August 2020. Organized a forum with the Blatnavik School at Oxford University and the Harvard School of Public Health on Race to the vaccine in November 2020


Organized seminars on Coping Strategies for COVID-19 and a strategic vision to combat the contagion with senior policy makers, security practitioners in Asia , Europe and the US in April 2020 and developed a plan on accelerating the `development of affordable drugs’.

Organized seminar with a leading think tank in China – CCG in April 2020 on the need for a balanced partnership that is inclusive, open, development oriented and respects diversity.


First to provide insights that pandemics are a national security threat and not entirely a healthcare issue in 2009.

Submitted a report that the potency of the vaccine should be normally be around 70 percent.

Published a COVID Compendium in 2020.

Submitted a policy document on the efficacy of intra nasal vaccines