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American ‘Cheques’ and Global ‘Balances’

Of late, American sanctions are not rendering the effect desired by the great power, leading to questions about its efficacy in an increasingly disruptive geopolitical landscape.

Another Nail in the Coffin?

The resignation of PM Hamdock serves as a grim reminder about the increasingly fraught relationship between the civilians and the military in Sudan.

A Ticking Time Bomb?

Since the future of warfare includes AI, it is critical to foreground military applications in ethical and human-centred solutions.

Raising the Stakes

A massive troop buildup on the Ukrainian border that offers President Putin several military options has left a divided NATO with few choices, mostly hard ones.

Monetary Policy of Bitcoin

As crypto gains popularity, there are concerns that its decentralised nature may threaten a country's macroeconomic stability.

Uncharted Territories

The continuous border disturbances around China depict how its defensive nationalism has morphed into aggressive nationalism.

A Festering Vaccine Divide

With the emergence of the Omicron variant, wealthier nations have been prompt in closing their borders to African countries, while doing little to address the pervasive issue of vaccine inequity.

Death Knell for Private Crypto?

The government’s attempts to ban private crypto has raised eyebrows, especially when there is so much activity in the Indian market.

Local First!

As rapid urbanization and enforced lockdowns expand e-waste streams, it is critical to deploy localized solutions at the household and community levels.

Decluttering Space

With the recent testing of an anti-satellite weapon by Russia, the spectre of space debris has come back to haunt the international community.

Ruptures in CPEC?

Although China remains an ‘all-weather ally’ for Pakistan, the CPEC project has been hamstrung by corruption scandals, curtailment of funds and local hostility to Beijing’s debt diplomacy.

David Versus Goliath?

Lithuania has demonstrated that even smaller nations can wield diplomatic heft against hegemonic powers.

Resurgence of the State

Post -COVID economic recovery is largely being fostered by a steady stream of state-supported investment and expenditure, foretelling larger budgetary deficits for the future

India Can’t Breathe!

The annual occurrence of severe pollution levels in the National Capital Region is symptomatic of India's inability to balance its growth with an effective environmental policy.

Market Design to Do Good!

Auction theory and matching theory are tools of market design that can be used to improve market outcomes.

The Legacy of Putin

Putin’s popularity has remained particularly strong among the older generation, while the younger population are keen for a change in the status quo.

Sci-fi Turned Reality!

Metaverse mixes the real world with virtual reality in real-time, creating new paradigms for life on this planet. But will it be equitable and safe?

A Fragile Ceasefire?

The Taliban-sponsored ceasefire between the Pakistani Army and the TTP is at best tenuous, considering an absence of mutual trust.

Is India Hungry?

While malnutrition remains the primary concern, a significant section of the Indian population is still calorie-deficient.

A House Divided?

With Poland and the EU facing off over the supremacy of European law, has the unity of the post-Brexit bloc been compromised?