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Thailand: Will Democracy Prevail?

Will a progressive win in the battle of the ballots strengthen democracy in the country?

Supply Chain Resiliency in the Indo-Pacific

The recent Agreement on Indo-Pacific supply chain resiliency could not have come at a better time when geopolitical tensions are impacting trade.

Erdogan's Re-election: a Prognosis

After a nail-biting finish, incumbent President Erdogan pipped his rival to the finish post, but the real race begins now!



Ukraine's Diplomatic Efforts

Amidst the Ukraine-Russia conflict, Ukraine intensifies its diplomatic engagement with the global south, aiming to rally support and recognition.

China in Central Asia

Recently China has made some major moves in Central Asia. This comes at a time when Russia is increasingly distracted from this region.

The Iran Nuclear Deal

This analysis underscores its achievements in curbing Iran's nuclear capabilities, extending its breakout time, and reducing proliferation risks.

€1.2 Billion GDPR Fine on Meta Platforms Inc.

The European Union slaps a record €1.2 billion GDPR fine on Meta Platforms Inc. for its data privacy violations, marking a landmark shift in global data protection norms.

Modi-Zelensky Meeting at G7

Recently Prime Minister Modi met Ukrainian President Zelensky at the G7 summit. This comes at a time when the Russia-Ukraine war shows no sign of ending.

Is China in Their Sights?

As the G7 leaders prepare to meet in Hiroshima this May, is their agenda focussed on China's growing military and economic power?

US Presidential Elections 2024

As the election scene in the U.S. heats up, the countdown to the most-watched elections on the globe begins!

Welcoming Back Into the Fold?

The Syrian Arab Republic has been reinstated in the Arab League. How did this come about?

Indo-Australia- a New Era of Cooperation?

Do the recent high-level visits to India by eminent Australian political and business personalities mark a turning point?

Why Are Türkiye Elections So Important?

Türkiye can be a balancer between the West and the East under an enlightened dispensation.

Divorce Decision: an Advance in Approach

Trying to stay contemporary with laws that directly impinge society, the Apex court is trying to make divorce laws more in tune with the times.

NSA Conclave: a New Security Alignment?

The unprecedented getting together of NSAs of the U.S., Saudi Arabia, UAE and India has invoked a great deal of interest. Does it augur new alignments?

Why is Manipur Burning?

Historical entrenched differences boiled to the surface as politically motivated concessions triggered deadly violence.

Cutting the Afghan Gordian Knot

That things are seriously deteriorating in Afghanistan was made clear when under Chinese guidance, Pakistan and Afghan representatives met in Islamabad.

Turkiye: End of an Era?

Is the Erdogan era coming to an end? We will know on May 14th.

Salvaging a Deteriorating Situation

On 1st May crisis talks on Afghanistan opened led by the UN. This should have taken place a long time ago.