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The Venezuelan Dilemma

Venezuela’s rapid descent from prosperity to poverty has created fresh challenges for the green future of the entire South American environment.

EU - Playing Catch-Up in Africa

The erstwhile colonisers of Africa, now banded together in the EU, are endeavouring to share in the African growth story.

A Thorny Path Ahead

As Americans continue to grapple with inflation, exacerbated by the Ukraine-Russia war, many had hoped that the State of the Union address would offer some succour.

Information, Disinformation or Misinformation

Russia, Ukraine, and their respective supporters are waging an intense war of perception on social media, making it virtually impossible to separate the truth from falsehood.

Methane - A Deal Breaker

Limiting methane emissions is as important as carbon control, despite the higher political cost of implementing methane control regimes.

Combating R&I Interference

Despite the apparent benefits from an international framework of R&D cooperation, there are inherent pulls and pressures which make such an exchange a complex issue.

A Twisted Road to Green

The 2021 ‘India State of Forest Report’, though optimistic in its findings, raises the question of the inequitable nature of the environmental debate.

Future-Proofing the Metaverse

Policymakers must be prepared to deal with the entire gamut of challenges that are bound to arise from the Metaverse, ranging from misinformation to anti-competitive practices.

Drug Industry Eludes Pandemic

While the pandemic has laid waste to most segments of the economy, illegal drug networks managed to flourish amidst the widening tragedy.

Bolstering Cybersecurity Protocols

Governments will have to work closely with private companies if they want to effectively address emerging cyber threats.

Freezing out the Games

The Sports arena remains a favourite platform for competing for political powers to grandstand their geopolitical differences.

A Cure Worse Than the Disease

The proposed Ken-Betwa River Link, being projected as a cure to Central India’s fast depleting water table, has many ecological pitfalls that need close scrutiny.

Youtube in the Docks

A recent letter by fact-checking organisations has revealed the extent to which video-hosting platforms like YouTube can spread misinformation.

Boost for MSMEs

As the second-largest generator of employment after the Agri sector, MSMEs need government handholding in terms of easy finance and active promotion of foreign investments.

Declining Demographics

Despite many developing countries being unable to rein in their exploding populations, there are worries in some quarters about declining fertility rates.

LATAM's Tech Boom

The emerging digital ecosystem in Latin America (LATAM) has addressed many of the structural issues hamstringing its economy.

A Political Move

Craftily manipulating democratic processes, Beijing had ensured that only trustworthy pro-China candidates could contest the recent legislative council elections, thus quietly strengthening its grip.

Biggest Piece in the Central Asian Pie

The ‘sudden chaos’ in Kazakhstan gave the autocratic regime a convenient opportunity to shift its narrative from governmental incompetence to national security issues.

Do Vaccine Mandates Work

When it comes to public health, are vaccine mandates ethical/moral, or do they infringe on a person’s right to choose?

Weighing the odds

As Taiwan emerges as an arena for renewed confrontation between the U.S. and China, what lies in store for this tiny island republic?