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Who Blinks First?

What does the future look like for the Ukrainian-Russian conflict one year on?

Yay or Nay for the New Brexit Agreement?

A new Brexit deal has been agreed upon, but will it survive the test of time?

Does Rising Inequality Threaten Democracy in the World?

Democracy goes on a backfoot when economic survival itself becomes a challenge.

India’s Green Energy Policy-a New Direction?

The commitment to green energy transition in the current budget could be a milestone in India’s climate outlook.

Are Sanctions Effective?

A year of comprehensive sanctions for Russia – have they worked?



A Nord Stream Blast, Whodunnit!

Typically, an ‘expose’ by Seymour Hersh on the Nord Stream pipeline explosion has given grist to rumour mills and strengthened Russian accusations.

Lesser Work Hours-more Productivity

The success of the four-day week experiment in the UK may change the life-work balance forever.

Nigeria: Keeping Democracy Alive

Peter Obi is the new star in the cloudy nightscape of Nigerian politics.

Disruptive Tech & Cyber-attack

Nation-states and malicious cyber actors' use of disruptive technologies has doubled since last year, which is becoming a growing concern at this moment.

The Mosi-2 Naval Drills

South Africa is currently undertaking joint naval exercises off its Indian Ocean coast with Russia and China code named Mosi-2.

Design Thinking- Worth the Hype?

Once hailed as a revolution in the business, tech and social impact spaces, Design Thinking faces increased criticism.

An Indian 5th Generation Fighter?

Will the operational success of the Tejas spur India to come out with its 5th Generation Fighter in an acceptable time frame?

An Enduring U.S. Middle East Strategy?

As Ukraine continues to occupy centre stage, Washington has realised it cannot allow the Middle East to drift.

Cyber-proofing Space Assets

International collaboration, along with domestic diligence, is imperative to ensure the cybersecurity of space infrastructure in the face of advanced digital threats.

The Musharraf Era: Reflections

The Musharaff legacy continues to stir up a debate in a Pakistan at one of its lowest points in history.

Redefining Drone Warfare?

Technologically lesser endowed nations have disrupted warfighting concepts through homegrown weapons having far-reaching impacts.

Where is the Eurozone Headed?

The pandemic and the war have spared no nation, and the robust European economy is no exception.

Nothing More Than a Hot Balloon-really?

The shooting down of a giant Chinese high-altitude balloon by a top-of-the-line F-35 fighter is symptomatic of the superpowers' deep distrust.

Israel: Leaning Right?

The new Netanyahu administration is anchored on the far right, raising domestic, regional and international concerns.