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Rti's Sweet Sixteen Moment

Though the Right to Information Act has had a good run so far, its future as a citizen’s tool to question the state, must be jealously guarded.

India asks TikTok, Facebook to remove users spreading coronavirus misinformation

There is a lot of misinformation floating across social media networking apps regarding the COVID-19 and some of them are using religious beliefs to justify defiance of health advisories over the…

'Globalisation with localisation' ~ Boon Hui

Boon Hui Khoo, the former President of Interpol elaborated on the measures taken by Singapore during the pandemic at Synergia Foundation Forum.

The Age of Pandemic Tourism

The beleaguered travel industry has to re-invent itself to emerge from the ashes of the pandemic if it hopes to seek a revival.

Rolex watches aren't from Najib's home

On May 19th, an image showing a tray of six gold Rolex watches was widely shared on social media site Pinterest. Singapore-based luxury goods store Shopfirstluxury debunked the photo clarifying that…

2019: National Elections

An in-depth, state-wise coverage of the political climate, events, key strengths, threats and assessments before the historic Indian General Elections of 2019.

The Changing Face of CI Security

As the world grapples with the effects of COVID 19 and puts greater reliance on digital services and platforms, the threat to critical infrastructure has spiralled.

Millennials Shape New Business Culture

Youth entrepreneurship is on a mission to fulfil economic, social, and environmental responsibilities. Is this a heads-up for traditional firms?

Fake news spread after cyber attack in Singapore

Following the recent cyber attack that stole personal information of 1.5 million people including the Prime Minister of Singapore has been termed as worst cyberattack in the country’s history.

Disruption in South Asian Geopolitics

Our series, ‘Dare to Disrupt’, draws lessons for businesses using illustrations from military and counter-terrorism history. This second article in the series, authored by Maj. Gen. Moni Chandi (Retd…

Russia's battle against COVID 19

In the 7th Webinar held on April 28th, the focus was on Russian efforts towards battling the pandemic and to seek strategies for a post COVID scenario.

Revival Policies Should Be Country-Specific

World economies differ vastly, so a 'one-size-fits-all approach' will not work

Untrue: The NEA using cameras to spot smokers at home

Rumours have circulated on social media earlier this week, claiming that the National Environment Agency (NEA), Singapore had put up cameras in Housing Board (HDB) blocks to catch people smoking in…

Disrupting a Kidnapping

In the fifth article of the series, ‘Dare to Disrupt’, Maj. Gen. Moni Chandi (Retd.) highlights the importance of humility and the ability to learn from one's enemies using the military illustration…

Reimagining Industry Post COVID 19

The pandemic brings challenges and opportunities for pharmaceutical companies provided they are ready to face up to them.

Free Speech Under Seize?

The role played by social media platforms in high octane election campaigns has spurred fresh demands for more stringent regulations to control internet content

Fake news follows the migrant caravan

Misinformation and false statements are spreading online over the raging migrant caravan travelling towards the United States. Thousands of migrants have got as far as Mexico after the caravan which…

India & the United Nations (UN)

The UN works with the governments of nations primarily to maintain international peace and secondarily, to promote friendly relations between nations. The UN Charter was drafted and signed during the…

The real gold of Cyberspace

Cryptocurrency could create a transparent, decentralised medium of exchange, challenging the very concept of sovereign fiat currency.

In House Ingenuity

By designing optimal systems and reconfiguring supply chains, Dynamatic Technologies has carved a niche for itself in the global aerospace industry.
Udayant Malhoutra, CEO and Managing Director of…