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Quantum Cognition in Modern Politics

The application of quantum social sciences to international relations can provide a toolkit to predict outcomes in international exchanges.

Rainbow Nation Turns Green

On a planet gasping for breath, Hydrogen is being looked at as the most promising alternative, and South Africa has the lead.

Indigenous Solutions to Climate Change

Eco-resurgence based on indigenous practices could be the answer to sustainable development in developing economies.

Humanitarian Intervention: Can It Be Done Right?

In times of conflict and bloodshed with gross violation of human rights, the normal expectation is that sooner rather than later..

Macron 2.0

President Macron's victory in the Presidential elections raises more questions than answers.

An ‘Amazing’ Union

A nondescript warehouse on the American east coast has been the scene of firing the first shots in a battle royale that is likely to disrupt boardrooms across the capitalist world.

AFSAP Under Siege, Again

The recent Nagaland firing incident has once again raised questions on the relevance of the AFSPA in a democratic setup.

From Neutrality to Belligerence

The Russian Ukrainian conflict has turned the long-established European security architecture on its head, forcing historically neutral nations to rethink their security strategies.

TTP Rebooted

TTP is the fly in the ointment that is souring Pakistan's relations with its Taliban neighbour despite the former's deep investments in bringing the group back to power.

Round One!

The 2022 French presidential election is an interesting show of force between the centrist and the right wing, with the left acting as the king maker.

Crypto over Environment

As cryptocurrencies go mainstream increasing their energy load and the environmental cost, states fight back with a complex set of regulations that miners would find hard to navigate.

A Golden Goose for the Exchequer

While the MEITY has advocated for the sale of public data to further India’s five trillion-dollar economy, it should be careful to not paper over the privacy cracks.

Growing Stronger Together

Despite their political differences, India and Australia are keen to promote trade and investment, besides cooperating in the Indo-Pacific.

The Nuclear Calculus

Will the invasion of Ukraine by Russia prompt non-nuclear nations to revisit their security architecture?

Losing its Shine

Once fondly called the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, decades of state mismanagement have turned this lovely island nation into an economic basket case.

Crypto's Dark Side

If cryptos continue to facilitate illicit transactions, it will harm mainstream adoption and change regulator attitudes, leading to heavier restrictions in the long run.

The Climate-Security Conundrum

If climate crisis is to be recognised as a security issue, the onus is on major military powers that spend billions on means of destruction to take the lead.

Dawn of a New Era

Does the election of President Gabriel Boric mark the return of the ‘Pink Tide’ to Chile and the rest of South America?

A Malfunction Best Avoided

In the wake of the accidental missile firing, India needs to reassure the international community of the safety and integrity of its substantial and varied missile arsenal.

The View from China

Beijing is walking a fine line, retaining the equilibrium in the Russia-China axis while keeping the collective wrath of an enraged west at bay through intense parleying.