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Welcome No More!

A return home is not always a welcome one!

The Rocky Road to Democracy

Sanctioned by the U.S. and struggling with internal contradictions, oil-rich Venezuela makes another bid to restore democratic norms.

A Death Blow to Peace

Will the U.S.-backed rapprochement between Arab countries led by Saudi Arabia and Israel survive the October 7th mayhem?

The Global Benefactor?

As the ambitious BRI completes its first decade, Beijing chose the occasion to showcase its role as a Global Benefactor.

Caught in a Web

The otherwise flourishing Indo-Qatar relationship has been caught in a web of 'espionage' forcing India on a backfoot.

EU Piles on the Pressure!

EU raises the stakes in the Sahel region to pressurise the military junta to restore democratic dispensations.

A Master Stoke ?

Oct 7th assault by Hamas has the potential to change the direction of the peace process in the Middle East.

Testing the Waters

China continues to push the envelope to emphasise its strength in the disputed South China Seas, with an eye to evaluate American responses.

Promises, Realities, and Challenges

The complexities of governance have revealed the absence of easy solutions to Italy's immigration predicament.

Stirring Up a Hornets’ Nest

As Bhutan courts China to bring peace to its disputed borders, there could be anxiety in New Delhi.

Poland: at an Inflexion Point

Polish election result brings some good news to the Western coalition as EU and NATO confront two ongoing conflicts concurrently.

Alternative Middle East Alliances – Saudi Arabia & Iran

Israel and the West's biggest challenge is the coming together of Saudi Arabia and Iran against Israel.

The Khmers: Seeking a Revival

Historically, at the mercy of internal and external oppressors, the Khmer people have not given up their will to survive and prosper.

New Zealand: a Change of Guard

This peaceful and prosperous nation at the world's edge is seeing a political reformation after its elections.

BRI Welcomes Its Latest Client

Kabul partnering with the BRI could be a game changer for the Central Asia Region, provided the Taliban can win peace within their country.

Dancing the Tango, Again?

Pushed to a corner, Havana and Moscow are reviving old ties to face the common adversary again.

Falling Apart

They say friends and lovers, when they fall apart, become the bitterest of enemies.

Outsourcing Refugee Management!

The quixotic British plan to outsource asylum seekers to Rwanda in far-off Africa has attracted severe criticism.

Partnering for an Energy Future

The recent India -Saudi Arabia MoU could be an answer to India's energy security quest.

A Wider Conflagration

Globally fear is rising that unless the spiral of violence triggered by the Hamas attack is arrested earliest, it could impact the wider region.