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US -Taiwan: Time for Clarity

President Biden has once again reiterated during his recent visit to Japan that any misadventure in Taiwan by China would call for an immediate American military intervention.

Internet Rivalry in Space

Elon Musk’s vast network of Starlink satellites enabled President Zelensky of Ukraine to launch incessant media blitz despite the Russian attempt to blank out his internet communications

Geopolitical Realignments for Energy Security

Energy has been the principal driver of the modern industrialised world and it is hardly surprising that its appetite for energy resources has been at the heart of geopolitical tensions.

Keeping Food on the Plates

“In most armed conflicts in the 20th and 21st century, conflict actors have used food as a weapon of war and deliberately destroyed food systems with lasting security impact.

Oppurtunities in Cloud Security

India has a huge potential in the cloud market as a consumer, service provider and business innovator. It has a golden opportunity to become the 'cybersecurity services capital' of the world.

Standing with Asia

With global attention riveted upon eastern Europe, President Biden's ASEAN summit was an attempt to reassure his Asian allies of continued American support.

Reasons, Solutions, and Lessons

A brewing financial crisis just across India’s open borders in neighbouring Nepal sounds a warning note for the economic stability of the entire South Asian region.

Hermit Kingdom Under Lockdown

While the world reeled under the COVID-19 pandemic, with rising fatality statistics numbing national consciousness in almost every country.

China-russia – Facing the West

Will the fractured geopolitical environment post the war in Ukraine force Russia and China into a closer alliance?

A Nordic Tinge to NATO

The US president, Joe Biden, has promised full support to both Finland and Sweden in their membership applications to what he called a “revived NATO” in the light of t

Showing the Flag

The last time the world paid attention to the Solomons was back in 1942-1943, during the battle of Guadalcanal.

An Archaic Council

A club of fractious global elites, the UNSC has failed to live up to its vaunted expectations.

Old Foes, New Beginnings

As Ankara and Riyad reconcile their differences to seek a closer partnership, we may witness a realignment of geopolitical equations in the Middle East.

Is this the last one?

Mankind must ask itself whether, even after the Spanish Flu and the COVID 19 pandemic, it is doing enough to prevent future pandemics.

Indigenous Solutions to Climate Change

Eco-resurgence based on indigenous practices could be the answer to sustainable development in developing economies.

Fissures in the coalition

There is a real possibility that prolonged sanctions on Russia may attract retaliation by Russia, which will be unacceptable to many of the European partners of the U.S.

Economic Meltdown and Ukraine

The Ukraine war coming on the heels of the pandemic, has caused immense damage to the global economy, with the poorest and the most vulnerable being the worst affected.

The End of Roe v Wade?

A leaked supreme court draft hints at an imminent turnaround on the historic 50-year-old decision making restrictions on abortion unconstitutional.

Environmental Justice

Environmentalism is a philosophy whose goal is to protect and improve the environment, which has been damaged due to human activity.

Timed to Perfection

At a time when the world is being divided into geostrategic blocs, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s European tour conveyed India’s concerns in the correct perspective.