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Is India Weaponising Trade ? Analyses & Assessments

Is India Weaponising Trade ?

India has raised the cost for trading partners who are critical of its internal policies. Is a robust external policy leveraging the growing trade heft of India?

Oman-Dawn of New Epoch Analyses & Assessments

Oman-Dawn of New Epoch

The demise of Sultan Qaboos bin Said, father of the 'Omani Renaissance', has left a void in mediation and diplomacy in the Gulf. How will this impact the Middle East?

Internet- A Fundamental Right Analyses & Assessments

Internet- A Fundamental Right

In a recent landmark judgment, the Hon'ble Supreme Court declared internet access as a fundamental right. This has implications for citizens' rights in India.

Russian  Reforms-Putinism Institutionalised Analyses & Assessments

Russian Reforms-Putinism Institutionalised

Putin’s Administrative Reforms have raised questions on their intent and scope. Do they point to an end-state plan or to a roost for post-2024 political influence?

Taiwan Election- Dignity or Freedom Analyses & Assessments

Taiwan Election- Dignity or Freedom

Re-election of President Tsai Ing-wen of Taiwan has signalled its determination to pursue a free and democratic way of life. Will this lead to more stress in Taiwan Straits?

US Presidential Elections Analyses & Assessments

US Presidential Elections

As on 13 January 2020, there are still 12 candidates in the fray. Which Presidential candidate is best positioned to beat President Donald Trump?

Innocuous Drones and Lethal Standoff Weapons Analyses & Assessments

Innocuous Drones and Lethal Standoff Weapons

A panel moderated by Vishnu Som, with two pioneers of drone technology- Group Captain Harsh Vardhan Thakur, and Squadron Leader Sameer Joshi.

CAA- Inclusion vs Exclusion Analyses & Assessments

CAA- Inclusion vs Exclusion

The recently amended citizenship law dictates who is eligible to be a citizen. In the absence of a domestic refugee law, how does India deal with its asylum seekers?

Amazon Investment-Largesse or Liability Analyses & Assessments

Amazon Investment-Largesse or Liability

Jeff Bezos' offer of $1billion investment in India to create a million jobs has been met with skepticism and downright derision. Is there a catch?

Xi Jinping in Myanmar -Heralding a New Era Op-Eds

Xi Jinping in Myanmar -Heralding a New Era

Will there be some quid-pro-quo between Myanmar and the PRC after Xi Jinping's visit to Myanmar on the eve of ICJ ‘s verdict on the Rohingya genocide case?

Global Grid Plan Analyses & Assessments

Global Grid Plan

Under the aegis of the ISA, India has proposed a global plan to distribute solar power generated in one country to meet the electricity demands of other nations.

Vaccine Hesitancy-Losing Faith Analyses & Assessments

Vaccine Hesitancy-Losing Faith

Medical science has used vaccination as its front-line weapon to eradicate many threatening diseases. Why is there a growing global skepticism towards vaccinations?

Student Unrest: Moral Compass or a Disconnect Analyses & Assessments

Student Unrest: Moral Compass or a Disconnect

Student activism in premier institutions has been grabbing headlines. Are protesting students the moral compass of a society or is it merely their naive enthusiasm?

Future of Security-India's Neighbourhood (NSAB) Analyses & Assessments

Future of Security-India's Neighbourhood (NSAB)

Surrounded by friends and foes, India will continue to face myriad risks to its security. India cannot hope to remain prosperous in a poor neighborhood.

The Wuhan Fever- A New Outbreak? Analyses & Assessments

The Wuhan Fever- A New Outbreak?

Despite the vast advances made in medical sciences, nature stays a step ahead of human ingenuity. While we eradicate old diseases, new ones emerge.

Encouraging Multilateralism Analyses & Assessments

Encouraging Multilateralism

Suresh Prabhu, MP, Sherpa to the Prime Minister at G20, delivered a Keynote Address during the Synergia Conclave-2019 and made a strong case for multilateralism.

AFRS: The Hawk Eye Analyses & Assessments

AFRS: The Hawk Eye

India is closer to install the Automated Facial Recognition Systems (AFRS) to aid law enforcement agencies to track and nab criminals. While it will strengthen the fight against crime, stringent…

 Carlos Ghosn -The Great Escape Op-Eds

Carlos Ghosn -The Great Escape

Scripted like a Hollywood movie, the escape of former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn from Japanese law has captivated the world. Is he a plain fugitive or does the Japanese legal system warrant closer…

Digital Transformation of Defence Analyses & Assessments

Digital Transformation of Defence

In modern militaries, the rise of digital platforms is empowering the military, enabling better continuity of operations and bringing armed forces to a new level of combat readiness. An eminent…

LIBYA -  A rebalancing act Analyses & Assessments

LIBYA - A rebalancing act

Turkey’s decision to send advisers and extend military support to Libya, at the request of Prime Minister Fayez al Serraj’s Government of National Accord ( GNA ) followed an escalation of conflict…