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Corp. Tax Concessions-Stemming the Tide Analyses & Assessments

Corp. Tax Concessions-Stemming the Tide

From the financial year 2012, the Indian economy has been witnessing a slowdown in both savings and investments. To arrest this downtrend the Government has come forth with a slew of measures…

South Africa- Fading Rainbow Analyses & Assessments

South Africa- Fading Rainbow

2015 witnessed a major outbreak of xenophobic violence in Durban leaving seven dead. Violence against foreign nationals in South Africa has dulled the colours of the Rainbow Nation. What has led to…

Drones: New Weapon In The Terrorist's Arsenal Op-Eds

Drones: New Weapon In The Terrorist's Arsenal

On Saturday 14 Sep 2019, in a pre-dawn strike, Saudi Arabia’s large ARAMCO oil refineries at Abqaiq and Khurais were attacked. The precision attacks crippled the kingdom’s oil production capacity by…

The S-400: Russia's Winner Op-Eds

The S-400: Russia's Winner

The S-400 Triumph, manufactured by Russia’s state-owned Almaz–Antey Corporation, is an Air Defence Weapon System. It is designed to destroy aircraft, cruise & ballistic missiles, as well as…

ENDS to Vaping Analyses & Assessments

ENDS to Vaping

An ordinance has banned the electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) or e-cigarettes in India with immediate effect. Is this a death knell on the tobacco industry too?

GSP-Back in Good Books? Analyses & Assessments

GSP-Back in Good Books?

As the Presidential race in the US heats up, the ‘Howdy Modi’ event has thrown up an interesting perspective on India-US relations. Could the compulsions of US electoral politics influence India’s…

ICAP- Leading by Example Analyses & Assessments

ICAP- Leading by Example

Global cooling needs are set to double in the next twenty years threatening the future of Earth. In this context, India’s Cooling Action Plan (ICAP) is a timely initiative. But will it nudge the…

Social Media-Tightening the Reins Analyses & Assessments

Social Media-Tightening the Reins

Appellants have sought judicial intervention making Aadhar authentication mandatory for all social media accounts. Is this the right step to stop fake news/ incitement of hate or a pretext for…

Climate-A Race We Must Win Analyses & Assessments

Climate-A Race We Must Win

World leaders are congregating in New York to figure out how to address the depredation of Earth’s fragile environment, frame policies and make pledges. Will they be able to reconcile their…

Sykes- Picot & Future of Syria Analyses & Assessments

Sykes- Picot & Future of Syria

The present-day borders of the Middle East are the legacy of a hasty agreement signed almost 100 years ago. This has become the cause celebre for the turmoil besetting the region ever since.

The Future of Conflict: Myanmar Analyses & Assessments

The Future of Conflict: Myanmar

The failure of the international community to enforce favourable conditions for the safe return home of the Rohingya refugees has once again highlighted its incompetence against state-sponsored…

Drones over Middle Eastern Skies Analyses & Assessments

Drones over Middle Eastern Skies

The precision drone attack by the Houthis targeting the economic heart of the Kingdom of Saud has finally given to the proverbial ‘David’ a weapon to measure up to his ‘Goliath’ like opponents. What…

NRC-Citizenship in Question Analyses & Assessments

NRC-Citizenship in Question

The National Register of Citizens (NRC), rendering 1.9 million stateless, has thrown up serious questions on how applicants can submit proof of citizenship in a region that is evolving and…

UAPA  2019: Striking a Balance Analyses & Assessments

UAPA 2019: Striking a Balance

India’s 2019 Amendment to Unlawful Activities (Prevention) Act, (UAPA) 1967 underscores the conflict between restrictions on basic human rights and security compulsions of the state. 

US Taliban talks: A cul-de-sac Analyses & Assessments

US Taliban talks: A cul-de-sac

President Trump, in a surprise move, cancelled the scheduled peace talks with the Taliban. This has raised questions of whether the move is a negotiation strategy, or have the peace talks reached a…

BREXIT -What Next? Analyses & Assessments

BREXIT -What Next?

The UK under Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to walk out from the European Union (EU) on 31st October 2019 without a definitive exit plan in place. What will this move entail for UK and Europe?

An Antidote to Economic Slowdown Op-Eds

An Antidote to Economic Slowdown

In the last quarter of FY 18-19, India logged 5.8% growth. Some economists expect the GDP for the first quarter of FY 19-20 to be lower than 5.8%, suggesting that there is a structural issue with the…

Russian Far East- India’s Act East Initiative Analyses & Assessments

Russian Far East- India’s Act East Initiative

PM Modi’s visit to the Russian Far East, the first ever by an Indian PM, aims at economic inroads into this resource rich area in direct competition with China and other countries. 

Damocles’ Sword Over Cash Starved Pakistan Analyses & Assessments

Damocles’ Sword Over Cash Starved Pakistan

Having failed twice to meet the milestones set by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the prospects of blacklisting loom large over an economically stressed Pakistan.

Harbinger of Balkanisation Analyses & Assessments

Harbinger of Balkanisation

The rollout of Huawei’s 5G pilot in Russia appears to be the first salvo fired in the escalating conflict for cyberspace where competing technological poles will vie for domination of the digital…