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India- Nepal- China:‌ ‌Delicate‌ ‌Balancing‌ ‌Act‌

Nepal's public upscaling of the Kalapani dispute, along with the chinese military excursions has raised the spectra of broader anti-India collusion.

A Confrontation of Super Powers– Part III

In the last of the three-part series, end-states to the confrontation between US and PRC are examined with suggestions for impartial intelligence.

A Confrontation of Super Powers– Part II

In this second part of the three-part series, the fictional narrative discusses electoral politics, geopolitical powerplay and tensions between US and PRC.

A Confrontation of Superpowers- Part I

A work of fiction, artfully evolved from the COVID-19 to highlight the dangerous spiral of events, if the narratives are not controlled with facts and reasonableness.

Chinese Opening Gambits Post COVID-19

Recent aggressive Chinese moves have given rise to concerns that China is exploiting the distraction of the pandemic to push its own geopolitical agenda.

Economic landscape post-COVID 19

Viewed as an economic disaster without parallel with its first ripples laying low, it is feared that it will only get worse before getting any better.

Change of Guard- II

Does the COVID-19 pandemic provide opportunity for China to don the mantle of world leadership? Article by Maj Gen Moni Chandi(Retd).

Change of Guard – I

Does the COVID-19 pandemic provide opportunity for China to don the mantle of world leadership? Article by Maj Gen Moni Chandi (Retd).

Sikhs in Afghanistan: Under Siege

The senseless killing of Sikhs in a Gurdwara in Kabul raises questions of safety of minorities in Afghanistan.

Idlib: The last bastion in the Syrian Civil War

Syria, Turkey and Russia compete for power in idlib. With recent exit of NATO troops in the region, does it have to be a fight to the finish?

Breaching the Fortress: EU-Turkey

With Ankara encouraging migrants to cross into Europe, does the EU-Turkey migration deal need a relook?

Championing Peace : U.S. -Taliban

After two decades of U.S troops in Afghanistan, will the U.S -Taliban agreement usher in a new political narrative?

Stifling Shale: Saudi-Russia Feud

Saudi’s reduction of oil prices has intensified the price war with Russia that will also affect the U.S. Shale industry. Will the stricken world economy gain or lose?

Top 10 Geopolitical Conflicts of 2020 by Synergia Group

Radical Islamists, drug wars, and fighting against the system- these are some of the geopolitical risks of 2020.

Neighbourhood First: Building Bhutan

India is Bhutan’s most significant neighbour across dimensions. How can we foster this relationship to develop the South Asian region?

Sudan: Shedding Stigma of Terrorism

As Sudan gingerly adopts democracy, its first major diplomatic initiative is to mend ties with Israel. Will this quicken its international acceptance?

Estranged, flat-lined or natural allies

President Trump’s visit demonstrated the strong chemistry shared by the leaders of the world's two biggest democracies. Optics and cringe apart, were there significant gains from the visit?

Europe - Pax Americana vs Pax Sinica

Compelled to take a side in the US-China faceoff, its own unity in disarray, Europe is at a crossroad. Can it chart a safe route out of the gathering storm?

The Middle East -Reviving Europe’s Role

Europe is steadily losing relevance in the dynamic political landscape of the Middle East. Can it arrest this trend?

Brexit Accomplished?

Despite two general elections, the future of the UK remains a quagmire. What has been achieved, and what does the future hold for the former empire?