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Peru: Tarnished Gold Analyses & Assessments

Peru: Tarnished Gold

With soaring demand and indispensability of gold to industry, Peru, the sixth-largest producer in the world, struggles to keep the supply legitimate.

The ‘Right’ Politics Analyses & Assessments

The ‘Right’ Politics

Right-wing political parties are now dominating the political space across the globe. Is this the new normal signalling the demise of liberal...

China Cables: De-radicalisation or More Analyses & Assessments

China Cables: De-radicalisation or More

The so-called Chinese cables are said to give a key-hole view of the 're-education camps' in Xinjiang. Is this the panacea for radicalisation?

Global Inequality: Rising Tide Analyses & Assessments

Global Inequality: Rising Tide

With the world’s richest 1% (worth more than $1 million) owning 45% of the entire wealth, Global Inequality is out of control. Can the Gini...

Future of Security-Afghanistan Analyses & Assessments

Future of Security-Afghanistan

An unstable Afghanistan is a threat to peace. During Synergia Conclave, Nirupama Rao spoke about India's options in post-US Afghanistan.

The Great Tax Robbery Analyses & Assessments

The Great Tax Robbery

Is it time to address the increasing gap between the spirit and the letter of the law?

Future of Business-Digital Economies Analyses & Assessments

Future of Business-Digital Economies

Technology's promise is not only to automate processes but to open paths to new ways of doing business.

Is India Weaponising Trade ? Analyses & Assessments

Is India Weaponising Trade ?

India has raised the cost for trading partners who are critical of its internal policies. Is a robust external policy leveraging the growing trade...

EIU Democracy Index- Falling Ratings Analyses & Assessments

EIU Democracy Index- Falling Ratings

Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) Annual Democracy Index provides a snapshot into the state of democracy around the world. This year’s dip in...

Amazon Investment-Largesse or Liability Analyses & Assessments

Amazon Investment-Largesse or Liability

Jeff Bezos' offer of $1billion investment in India to create a million jobs has been met with skepticism and downright derision. Is there a catch?

Innocuous Drones and Lethal Standoff Weapons Analyses & Assessments

Innocuous Drones and Lethal Standoff Weapons

A panel moderated by Vishnu Som, with two pioneers of drone technology- Group Captain Harsh Vardhan Thakur, and Squadron Leader Sameer Joshi.

Vaccine Hesitancy-Losing Faith Analyses & Assessments

Vaccine Hesitancy-Losing Faith

Medical science has used vaccination as its front-line weapon to eradicate many threatening diseases. Why is there a growing global skepticism...

Student Unrest: Moral Compass or a Disconnect Analyses & Assessments

Student Unrest: Moral Compass or a Disconnect

Student activism in premier institutions has been grabbing headlines. Are protesting students the moral compass of a society or is it merely their...

Encouraging Multilateralism Analyses & Assessments

Encouraging Multilateralism

Suresh Prabhu, MP, Sherpa to the Prime Minister at G20, delivered a Keynote Address during the Synergia Conclave-2019 and made a strong case for...

Future of Security-India's Neighbourhood (NSAB) Analyses & Assessments

Future of Security-India's Neighbourhood (NSAB)

Surrounded by friends and foes, India will continue to face myriad risks to its security. India cannot hope to remain prosperous in a poor...

Reimagining  Intelligence Analyses & Assessments

Reimagining  Intelligence

The new era brings with it new technologies that help in intelligence gathering but also ushers new uncertainties. During the Synergia Conclave-2019...

Digital Transformation of Defence Analyses & Assessments

Digital Transformation of Defence

In modern militaries, the rise of digital platforms is empowering the military, enabling better continuity of operations and bringing armed forces to...

Innovation, Disruption and Entrepreneurship Analyses & Assessments

Innovation, Disruption and Entrepreneurship

Amitabh Kanth, CEO NITI Aayog, delivered an enthusiastic keynote address at the Synergia Conclave 2019 on enabling growth through empowering...

Kashmir -The Way Forward Analyses & Assessments

Kashmir -The Way Forward

Praveen Swami, Group Consulting Editor, Network 18, spoke candidly about the current situation in Kashmir, providing a historical perspective and...

The Post Caliphate Threat in Asia Analyses & Assessments

The Post Caliphate Threat in Asia

Prof Rohan Gunaratna, former head of ICPVTR at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and Prabha Rao, Former Additional Secretary, Cabinet...