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Oppurtunities in Cloud Security

India has a huge potential in the cloud market as a consumer, service provider and business innovator. It has a golden opportunity to become the 'cybersecurity services capital' of the world.

Information, Disinformation or Misinformation

Russia, Ukraine, and their respective supporters are waging an intense war of perception on social media, making it virtually impossible to separate the truth from falsehood.

Combating R&I Interference

Despite the apparent benefits from an international framework of R&D cooperation, there are inherent pulls and pressures which make such an exchange a complex issue.

Youtube in the Docks

A recent letter by fact-checking organisations has revealed the extent to which video-hosting platforms like YouTube can spread misinformation.

A Ticking Time Bomb?

Since the future of warfare includes AI, it is critical to foreground military applications in ethical and human-centred solutions.

Rampaging Digital Scourge

As anonymous cyber gangs run amok, raking in millions in ransomware payments, the global powers are themselves divided in coming up with an effective counter-strategy.

Indian Cyber-Power: Time for a Recharge

A recent Harvard Kennedy School study reveals India's low ranking in cyber capabilities. It is high time for policymakers to articulate a resilient framework to protect data privacy

Future of Security: Digital (Cyber Space)

As a digital work environment permeates business, governance, military and critical infrastructure, long-established security protocols and perimeters will be challenged. MK Narayanan, Former…

Big Brother is Watching you

Snooping on Social Media and its alleged manipulation has invoked terrifying visions of an Orwellian State where there are no secrets. Will we all eventually live in an Orwellian dystopia?

Twitter-Ethics or Political Expediency?

Jack Dorsey hit a high moral note when he banned paid political ads on Twitter while Facebook continues to allow such ads, fake or not. This raises the question of whether it is entirely ethics or…

POFMA: Shackling the Web

Singapore’s latest anti fake news law has grabbed headlines as it affords sweeping powers to the state to monitor online platforms and chatgroups. Is this going to be the new normal for cyberspace?

The Future of Information

In the age of the internet, information is increasingly becoming a powerful political resource. What sources of information are strategic in nature, and what is the future of information warfare?…

Cyber-Attack on US Customs and Border Protection

Government surveillance photos of international travellers and license plates were hacked as part of a malicious cyber-attack. Is the use of biometrics being carried out at the expense of privacy…

Finland suffers major cyber attack

Finnish police are probing a cyber-attack on a web service that publishes vote tallies less than a week before national elections. Finland is a country in Northern Europe bordering the Baltic Sea,…

Google fined by EU again

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has been fined 1.5 billion euros for anti-trust violations after a competition probe ruled that the dominant search group had spent 10 years blocking rival online…

Australia’s Parliament hacked?

The Australian Parliament said that hackers had tried to break into its computer network, which includes lawmakers’ email archives, but there were no visible indications that data had been stolen.…

American blamed for Singapore data leak

Records of as many as 14,200 people with HIV and their 2,400 contacts have been “illegally disclosed online”, Singapore’s health ministry said in a statement, marking the second cyberattack the city-…

Congress wants to regulate tech

The newly installed U.S. Congress is expected to see a fresh effort to develop new regulations for big technology firms, with a focus on tougher enforcement of privacy and data protection. The United…

7mn Facebook users’ photos exposed

Facebook has revealed that due to a software bug, nearly 7 million Facebook users’ photos were exposed to a much wider audience than intended. These pictures also included the ones that were hidden…

Hackers target private emails

Iran-linked hackers known as Charming Kitty targeted private emails of individuals who are involved in economic and military sanctions against the Islamic Republic of Iran as well as politicians,…