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Twin blasts in Punjab Analyses & Assessments

Twin blasts in Punjab

On 31st Jan 17, three persons, including a Congress worker, were killed and five injured in twin blasts at Maur, 30 km from Bathinda. At around 8....

Terrorism in south india Op-Eds

Terrorism in south india

Are our police forces prepared?

German terror attack Op-Eds

German terror attack

Will the German people see past the diabolic plan of terrorists?

Jail break Analyses & Assessments

Jail break

On 31 October 2016, eight SIMI activists escaped from the Central Jail, Bhopal. The jail-break occurred before 2AM, after the activists killed a...

Palestine Analyses & Assessments


On 06 October 2016, the US (both White House & State Department) strongly condemned Israel for approving plans for new settlement construction,...

Contours for the Middle East Analyses & Assessments

Contours for the Middle East

On 09 October 2016, it was reported that ISIS had lost more than 30% of the territory, it controlled in January 2015.

Pakistan nuclear capability Analyses & Assessments

Pakistan nuclear capability

In July 2015, Dr. AQ Khan, father of Pakistan’s Nuclear bomb, said Pakistan could nuke New Delhi from Kahuta, within 5 minutes.

Paris attacks: Call to overhaul French intelligence services Op-Eds

Paris attacks: Call to overhaul French intelligence services

French intelligence services should be overhauled following last year's terror attacks in Paris, a parliamentary commission of inquiry has...