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Air India unveils revamp Analyses & Assessments

Air India unveils revamp

State-run Air India will revamp its business to try to boost revenues by wooing more high-paying passengers. This comes days after a plan to...

Microsoft employees protest work with ICE Analyses & Assessments

Microsoft employees protest work with ICE

In an open letter posted to Microsoft’s internal message board, more than 100 employees protested the software maker’s work with Immigration and...

General Electric Dow-ner Analyses & Assessments

General Electric Dow-ner

After over a century, General Electric is the last original member to be dropped from the Dow Jones Industrial Average on 19th June. The spot on the...

KPMG's audit work unacceptable Analyses & Assessments

KPMG's audit work unacceptable

Professional services firm KPMG’s audits had shown an "unacceptable deterioration" and will be subject to closer supervision, the Financial Reporting...

Theranos Analyses & Assessments


Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of US start-up, Theranos, who promised to revolutionize blood testing has been hit with criminal charges. Theranos'...

China approves Qualcomm-NXP deal Analyses & Assessments

China approves Qualcomm-NXP deal

Chinese regulators have approved US semiconductor company Qualcomm’s proposed US$44 billion acquisition of Dutch chip maker NXP Semiconductors..

Vedanta project paused after protests Analyses & Assessments

Vedanta project paused after protests

Multinational metals and mining company Vedanta Resources has been asked to pause its expansion project and temporarily shut down its copper smelter...

The Future of the Manufacturing Industry Analyses & Assessments

The Future of the Manufacturing Industry

In December 2017, key stake holders from industry, media and government met at the Synergia Forum to discuss the future of the manufacturing industry...

Social Business Analyses & Assessments

Social Business

The role of microcredit in building entrepreneurship for poverty elevation The Synergia Forum, in February 2017, saw the coming together of people...

The trillion-dollar company? Analyses & Assessments

The trillion-dollar company?

Apple shares have risen to an all-time high, opening up 3.5 percent. Analysts now believe that the Apple could soon become the first trillion-dollar...

Tax Cut in USA Analyses & Assessments

Tax Cut in USA

The proposal consists of two reforms; individual reforms and business reform. The individual reform focuses on reducing the 7 tax brackets used to...

Renegotiation of NAFTA Analyses & Assessments

Renegotiation of NAFTA

Reports on 27th April, 2017 said that President Donald Trump of the United States was planning to withdraw the US from the NAFTA (North American Free...

Currency Manipulation Analyses & Assessments

Currency Manipulation

By April 15th, the American Treasury Department was required to present Congress a report on the exchange rate policies of the country’s major...

Mission Parivaar Vikas: Analyses & Assessments

Mission Parivaar Vikas:

Health Ministry of India’s “Mission Parivaar Vikas” (MPV) in 145 High Focus districts (of UP, Bihar, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh,...

Saudi Arabia opens up to Investors Analyses & Assessments

Saudi Arabia opens up to Investors

On the 5th of April 2017, the Saudi Arabian government instructed members of the financial sector to put all ‘sukuks’ or bonds in dollars. This comes...

Lotte Founder on Trial Analyses & Assessments

Lotte Founder on Trial

On March 21st 2017, the founder of the conglomerate Lotte, Shin Kyuk-Ho was summoned to court to investigate his role in another scandal that has...

US rate hike Analyses & Assessments

US rate hike

On 15th March 2017, the Federal Reserve is widely expected to raise interest rates for the first time in 2017. Many markets such as currency market,...

TCS buyback Analyses & Assessments

TCS buyback

On 20th Feb 2017, Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Ltd announced US$ 2.3 billion (Rs 16,000 Crore) share buyback. The share buyback, if successful,...

Battle in Tata sons Op-Eds

Battle in Tata sons

On 24 Oct 16, Cyrus Mistry was unceremoniously dismissed as Chairman of Tata Sons. Tata Sons is the holding company of the US$ 103 billion Tata...

Telecom Auction Analyses & Assessments

Telecom Auction

On 03 October 2016, the Government of India auctioned radio frequencies for 4G services and hoped to raise US$ 84Billion, from the sale.