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Nanogenerators – A Game Changer Analyses & Assessments

Nanogenerators – A Game Changer

India can expand its geostrategic footprint by developing and sharing cost-effective technologies like nanogenerators with smaller economies

Cloud Security - A Macro View Analyses & Assessments

Cloud Security - A Macro View

Acknowledging the cloud as ‘global commons’ is the prerequisite for launching a universally coordinated effort to bolster security.

India: Opportunities and Challenges Analyses & Assessments

India: Opportunities and Challenges

India has a huge potential in the cloud market, both as a consumer as well as a service provider and business innovator.

Future of Cloud: Risks, Security and Governance Analyses & Assessments

Future of Cloud: Risks, Security and Governance

It is imperative to view cloud security as an integrated whole by placing equal emphasis on its non-security aspects.

Leveraging the Cloud Analyses & Assessments

Leveraging the Cloud

As critical infrastructures undergo digital transformation, cloud services will play a vital role in their secure functionality.

The Concentration Conundrum Analyses & Assessments

The Concentration Conundrum

It is important to identify and address the systemic risks that arise from a concentration of cloud service providers.

An All-Pervasive Presence Analyses & Assessments

An All-Pervasive Presence

By allocating shared responsibilities for risk mitigation, the cloud affords a better baseline for security.

An Evolving Global Fabric Analyses & Assessments

An Evolving Global Fabric

Restricting the free flow of data, which is critical to the cloud’s functioning, is likely to create a more fragmented system.

The Bitcoin Buzz Analyses & Assessments

The Bitcoin Buzz

The increasing trend towards using cryptocurrencies as an investment and trading tool, set off by influencers, calls for sustainable regulations.

Democratising and Incentivising Analyses & Assessments

Democratising and Incentivising

Satellite broadband represents the future of communication. It will be critical in building ubiquitous connectivity across the globe.

Looking Ahead Analyses & Assessments

Looking Ahead

By learning from the past and drawing on global best practices, it is important to create an international governance framework for satellite internet.

The Mix and Match Way Analyses & Assessments

The Mix and Match Way

The success of satellite internet in India will depend on the permutations and combinations of systems to benefit the end-user.

A New ‘start’? Analyses & Assessments

A New ‘start’?

By giving a fresh lease of life to the arms reduction treaty, Russia and the U.S. are recommitted to a substantive model of limiting stockpiles.

Internet in the interstellar space Analyses & Assessments

Internet in the interstellar space

From innovations in space manufacturing to increased participation of the private sector, the timing is ripe for satellite-based broadband to grow at an exponential pace.

New era for telecoms, satellites, and backhaul Analyses & Assessments

New era for telecoms, satellites, and backhaul

Satellite communication presents the most elegant and uninterrupted platform for ubiquitous high-speed communication anywhere on the planet.

Engendering Partnerships Analyses & Assessments

Engendering Partnerships

Innovation and profitability will be important drivers in sustaining projects in space

Closing the Chasm Analyses & Assessments

Closing the Chasm

Only once the yawning gap between terrestrial and space internet is bridged in terms of costs, technology, and the regulatory burden will it become a sustainable venture.

Enabling People of Space Tech Analyses & Assessments

Enabling People of Space Tech

Apart from innovative technologies, the satellite revolution owes its success to individual personalities who have dared to think outside the box.

Deep Pockets Needed Analyses & Assessments

Deep Pockets Needed

It will take enormous capital commitment and private initiative to realise the full potential of satellite internet.

Tapping Into Potential Analyses & Assessments

Tapping Into Potential

The demand for satellite internet in the country will be contingent on enabling policies, delivery strategies, and costs.