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The Retrospective U-turn Analyses & Assessments

The Retrospective U-turn

By abolishing retrospective taxes, India has sought to project itself as a pragmatic and investor-friendly regime devoid of regulatory uncertainty.

Nurturing a Chip Ecosystem Analyses & Assessments

Nurturing a Chip Ecosystem

Apart from a digitally aspiring demography, India has a robust semiconductor design ecosystem that can complement chip fabrication giants like Taiwan

The Flash of Cryptos Analyses & Assessments

The Flash of Cryptos

With China introducing its own digital currency (eRMB) and clamping down on other cryptocurrencies, it is evident it is asserting control over the digital economy.

Legalising Bitcoin Analyses & Assessments

Legalising Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a form of cryptocurrency. This digital tender is minted using huge amounts of energy.

The Investment-tax Binary Analyses & Assessments

The Investment-tax Binary

The Cairn and Vodafone cases have opened a pandora’s box of tax-related investment disputes that lie at the intersection of international laws and municipal governance.

Language Is the Key Analyses & Assessments

Language Is the Key

While determining the arbitrability of tax disputes under investment protection laws, the devil lies in the details of the treaty instrument.

A Balancing Act Analyses & Assessments

A Balancing Act

It is critical to maintain an equilibrium between the regulatory powers of a sovereign and the legitimate interests of a foreign investor.

A ‘look Through’ Provision Analyses & Assessments

A ‘look Through’ Provision

By retrospectively amending the Income Tax Act in 2012, the Indian Parliament sought to clarify its legislative intention.

Reconciling Fragmented Laws Analyses & Assessments

Reconciling Fragmented Laws

The nature of the interaction between taxation regimes and investment agreements have evolved over time, with new generation treaties envisaging specific carve-outs for tax.

Indian 5G Sans Huawei Analyses & Assessments

Indian 5G Sans Huawei

The Huawei controversy raises the questions of whether India can envision a future without Chinese venture capital.

The Enforcement Predicament Analyses & Assessments

The Enforcement Predicament

The enforcement of an investment treaty award is a layered issue and needs to be deconstructed step by step.

Navigating the Terrain of Public Policy Analyses & Assessments

Navigating the Terrain of Public Policy

States need to clearly delineate the contours of public policy, before claiming it as an exception in investment arbitrations.

Digitising the Art Market Analyses & Assessments

Digitising the Art Market

NFTs are the new buzzword in the world of art, where these digital artforms are setting a
new record of millions of dollars apiece every other day.

China's Digital Coffers Analyses & Assessments

China's Digital Coffers

As China test-launches its sovereign digital currency, countries around the world are
scrambling to assess potential disruptions to the global financial system.

In the Big Leagues Analyses & Assessments

In the Big Leagues

As Coinbase joins the ranks of publicly listed companies, there has been much soul-searching
about investor appetite for cryptocurrencies.

How much will the RIL Powerhouse upset the retail cart? Analyses & Assessments

How much will the RIL Powerhouse upset the retail cart?

With the telcos still smarting from the 'Jio-jacking', the recent M&A deal with Future Group has stakeholders worrying about Reliance’s potential monopolistic hold in other markets too.

Indian Telecom – Case of Poor Connectivity? Op-Eds

Indian Telecom – Case of Poor Connectivity?

The telecom sector was once the most prominent poster child of India’s booming growth story. It was a veritable gravy train that one thought could chug on till eternity. With more than a billion…

INFOSYS: Blowing Hot Blowing Cold Analyses & Assessments

INFOSYS: Blowing Hot Blowing Cold

Infosys was shaken by an internal controversy which led to its shares crashing 16% to ₹643.30 and wiping out ₹53,452 crores from its market capitalisation. Is India’s iconic company still challenged…

GSP-Back in Good Books? Analyses & Assessments

GSP-Back in Good Books?

As the Presidential race in the US heats up, the ‘Howdy Modi’ event has thrown up an interesting perspective on India-US relations. Could the compulsions of US electoral politics influence India’s…

Recession: Speculation or Certainty? Analyses & Assessments

Recession: Speculation or Certainty?

Some experts predict a recession fed by ongoing political and economic upheavals between powerful nations. Are falling long term interest rates, the appearance of the dreaded inverted yield curve and…