New Zealand take off Sky News from the air?

Following the horrific mosque shootings in New Zealand, it was reported that the government removed Sky News or Fox News from the air in March for the massacre coverage. What is false here is that the government of New Zealand took no action against Sky News Australia. However, Sky New Zealand, a private satellite television provider, had temporarily removed Sky News Australia's coverage of the aftermath of the Christchurch attacks from their platform. According to both companies, this decision was mutual.

In addition, Left-leaning website, Think Progress, also published an article with the headline “New Zealand pulls Murdoch’s Sky News Australia off the air over mosque massacre coverage.” Besides, the article was highly criticised as the body of the article contrasted from its title.


Our assessment is that fact-checking must be made mandatory in the day-to-day process of any organisation that provides information and content to the public. We believe that if this process was involved, such an error could have been avoided. We also believe that content being live-streamed must be monitored to ensure the curbing of horrific acts such as the mosque shootings.