Analyses & Assessments

US backing out of TPP Analyses & Assessments

US backing out of TPP

President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. The trade pact was, former President...

Russian view on Trump Analyses & Assessments

Russian view on Trump

Russia is giving Donald Trump the kind of fawning television coverage usually reserved for Vladimir Putin. Inside the Kremlin, the initial euphoria...

Jallikattu – an ordinance in the offing Analyses & Assessments

Jallikattu – an ordinance in the offing

The centre on Friday cleared the TN government’s proposal to promulgate an ordinance to hold Jallikattu. The State government had proposed to issue...

China’s free trade agenda Analyses & Assessments

China’s free trade agenda

U.S. Treasury Secretary nominee Steven Mnuchin said during his Senate confirmation hearing he’s willing to label China as a currency manipulator if...

Apple in India Analyses & Assessments

Apple in India

In May 16, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, met PM Narendra Modi to look into the possibility of ‘make in India’ – Apple products. Apple struck a deal in...

Jail break Analyses & Assessments

Jail break

On 31 October 2016, eight SIMI activists escaped from the Central Jail, Bhopal. The jail-break occurred before 2AM, after the activists killed a...

Rail accident Analyses & Assessments

Rail accident

Are the Indian Railways (IR) becoming increasingly unsafe?

Living in a gas chamber Analyses & Assessments

Living in a gas chamber

Why can’t we fix this problem?

UNMISS – A Mess? Analyses & Assessments

UNMISS – A Mess?

Is the UN seeking more accountability from UN missions?

The Strains Analyses & Assessments

The Strains

How can tensions along the LOC be de-escalated?

Burning schools Analyses & Assessments

Burning schools

Is it madness or a strategic design?

MPA- ross sea Analyses & Assessments

MPA- ross sea

Is the world community becoming more conscious of environmental responsibilities?

China’s growing presence Analyses & Assessments

China’s growing presence

Are SE Asian countries using China as leverage, to extract concessions from the US?

Telecom Auction Analyses & Assessments

Telecom Auction

On 03 October 2016, the Government of India auctioned radio frequencies for 4G services and hoped to raise US$ 84Billion, from the sale.

Palestine Analyses & Assessments


On 06 October 2016, the US (both White House & State Department) strongly condemned Israel for approving plans for new settlement construction,...

Contours for the Middle East Analyses & Assessments

Contours for the Middle East

On 09 October 2016, it was reported that ISIS had lost more than 30% of the territory, it controlled in January 2015.

Pakistan nuclear capability Analyses & Assessments

Pakistan nuclear capability

In July 2015, Dr. AQ Khan, father of Pakistan’s Nuclear bomb, said Pakistan could nuke New Delhi from Kahuta, within 5 minutes.

Columbian referendum Analyses & Assessments

Columbian referendum

On 02 October 2016, voters in Columbia rejected the landmark peace deal with FARC rebels. The deal was signed between President Juan Manuel Santos...