Analyses & Assessments

Apple in India Analyses & Assessments

Apple in India

In May 16, Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, met PM Narendra Modi to look into the possibility of ‘make in India’ – Apple products. Apple struck a deal in...

Jail break Analyses & Assessments

Jail break

On 31 October 2016, eight SIMI activists escaped from the Central Jail, Bhopal. The jail-break occurred before 2AM, after the activists killed a...

Rail accident Analyses & Assessments

Rail accident

Are the Indian Railways (IR) becoming increasingly unsafe?

Living in a gas chamber Analyses & Assessments

Living in a gas chamber

Why can’t we fix this problem?

The Strains Analyses & Assessments

The Strains

How can tensions along the LOC be de-escalated?

UNMISS – A Mess? Analyses & Assessments

UNMISS – A Mess?

Is the UN seeking more accountability from UN missions?

Burning schools Analyses & Assessments

Burning schools

Is it madness or a strategic design?

MPA- ross sea Analyses & Assessments

MPA- ross sea

Is the world community becoming more conscious of environmental responsibilities?

China’s growing presence Analyses & Assessments

China’s growing presence

Are SE Asian countries using China as leverage, to extract concessions from the US?

Telecom Auction Analyses & Assessments

Telecom Auction

On 03 October 2016, the Government of India auctioned radio frequencies for 4G services and hoped to raise US$ 84Billion, from the sale.

Contours for the Middle East Analyses & Assessments

Contours for the Middle East

On 09 October 2016, it was reported that ISIS had lost more than 30% of the territory, it controlled in January 2015.

Palestine Analyses & Assessments


On 06 October 2016, the US (both White House & State Department) strongly condemned Israel for approving plans for new settlement construction,...

Pakistan nuclear capability Analyses & Assessments

Pakistan nuclear capability

In July 2015, Dr. AQ Khan, father of Pakistan’s Nuclear bomb, said Pakistan could nuke New Delhi from Kahuta, within 5 minutes.

Columbian referendum Analyses & Assessments

Columbian referendum

On 02 October 2016, voters in Columbia rejected the landmark peace deal with FARC rebels. The deal was signed between President Juan Manuel Santos...