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Bomb Plot Foiled Analyses & Assessments

Bomb Plot Foiled

Four people including a girl of 16 have been arrested with bomb-making materials by anti-terrorist police in the southern French city of Montpellier. Home-made explosives like those used in the Paris attacks of November 2015 were found.

Elizabeth Warren impugned Analyses & Assessments

Elizabeth Warren impugned

On the 8th of February, Republican Senators voted to silence Democratic Senator, Elizabeth Warren while she was condemning the nomination of proposed Attorney General, Jeff Sessions by reading out a letter written by Martin Luther King’s widow, Coretta Scott King.

Trump cabinet: Senate confirms Jeff Sessions as attorney general Analyses & Assessments

Trump cabinet: Senate confirms Jeff Sessions as attorney general

The US Senate has confirmed President Donald Trump's nomination for attorney general, Alabama Senator Jeff Sessions, by a vote of 52 to 47. The confirmation follows a series of divisive hearings during which Democrats attacked Mr. Sessions's record on civil rights.

Sasikala vs O.Panneerselvam Analyses & Assessments

Sasikala vs O.Panneerselvam

The fight for Jayalalithaa's legacy in Tamil Nadu is out in the open with two of her most trusted aides slugging it out. O Panneerselvam shocked everyone with his sudden revolt against VK Sasikala, who stayed with the late CM for nearly 30 years.

Law on west bank settlements Analyses & Assessments

Law on west bank settlements

On 6th Feb 2017, Israel’s parliament approved legislation that retroactively legalizes thousands of Jewish settler homes in the occupied West Bank. The bill was passed by a vote of 60-52 in Israel’s 120 seat parliament.

Punjab elections Analyses & Assessments

Punjab elections

On the 5th of February 2017, the people of Punjab took to the polls to elect their legislative assembly. The election turnout was estimated at 78%, this was below the election commissions estimates of 85%.

Immigrant order chaos Analyses & Assessments

Immigrant order chaos

On 6th Feb 2017, US Department of Justice defended President Donald Trump's travel ban and urged the Appeals Court to reinstate it, in the interests of national security. A hearing has been set for Tuesday, on whether to allow or reject the ban.

Protests in Japan over nanjing Analyses & Assessments

Protests in Japan over nanjing

On the 5th of February 2017, Chinese protesters gathered around Japan in an outcry against the actions of the country’s largest Hotel chain, Apa Hotels. The hotel came under scrutiny for placing books in every one of their over 350 hotels containing a revised version of Japanese history.

Crimeradar Analyses & Assessments


Robert Muggah’s Igarapé Institute, with Via Science and Mosaico Internet, launched CrimeRadar. It is a publicaly available crime-prediction platform. The launch is focused on Rio de Janeiro, with plans to take the platform global.

Romania protests Analyses & Assessments

Romania protests

On 5 February 2017, at least 500,000 demonstrators rallied across Romania, despite the government revoking a controversial decree that had fuelled their discontent. Sorin Grindeanu, the Romanian Prime Minister, announced on Sunday night that the government will “find a legal way” to withdraw decrees that protesters say will decriminalise and shield corruption.

Armyworms in Africa Analyses & Assessments

Armyworms in Africa

Farmers in Limpopo, South Africa, have complained of an unknown worm ravaging their crops. The Department of Agriculture has confirmed the presence of Fall Armyworm, which is destroying crops in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Malawi.

Indian iphones Analyses & Assessments

Indian iphones

On 2nd Feb 2017, the Karnataka government issued a release welcoming Apple's proposal "to commence initial manufacturing operations" in the state. The release, signed by state IT Minister Priyank Kharge, said Apple's intentions to manufacture in Bengaluru..

Online fraud busted Analyses & Assessments

Online fraud busted

On 2nd Feb 2017, Uttar Pradesh police busted online fraud of US $544 million (Rs 3,700 crore). The UP police have arrested three persons; Mittal, Prasad and Dayal, alleged to have duped nearly 6.5 lakh people through an online portal, ' ‘.

Chennai oil spill Analyses & Assessments

Chennai oil spill

On the 28th of January, two oil tankers collided of the coast of Chennai at the Ennore Port; spilling an estimated 80 tons of oil and sludge into the ocean. The spillage was initially confined to 7 Km of Chennai’s coast but progressively increased to 13 Km by 4th February 2017, and is now estimated to extend to 24 Km.

Nagaland Remains Tense Analyses & Assessments

Nagaland Remains Tense

An uneasy calm continued to prevail in the state with the Nagaland Tribes Action Committee (NTAC) vowing they will practice restraint only after T.R. Zeliang steps down as Chief Minister.

 The BJP Cadres in Poll-Bound Uttar Pradesh Analyses & Assessments

The BJP Cadres in Poll-Bound Uttar Pradesh

The Bharatiya Janata Party over the past few weeks has been racked by protests over the choice of candidates for the U.P. Assembly polls. The resentment continues to fester, there is unease about the spreading disquiet in the cadres who may not commit wholeheartedly to the campaign in the vital run up to the elections.

Trump travel ban: Seattle judge issues nationwide block Analyses & Assessments

Trump travel ban: Seattle judge issues nationwide block

A temporary nationwide block on President Donald Trump's ban on travellers from seven mainly Muslim nations was issued by a US judge in Seattle. Federal Judge James Robart ruled against government lawyers' claims that US states did not have the right to challenge Trump's executive order.

Graphene from soyabean oil Analyses & Assessments

Graphene from soyabean oil

Australian scientists at Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, have turned ordinary cooking oil into graphene. This method of production is said to be more cost effective.

Twin blasts in Punjab Analyses & Assessments

Twin blasts in Punjab

On 31st Jan 17, three persons, including a Congress worker, were killed and five injured in twin blasts at Maur, 30 km from Bathinda. At around 8.30pm Congress candidate Harminder Singh Jassi had taken out a car procession when blasts took place. The three people who died last night have been identified as Harpal Singh, Jassi’s personal assistant; Ashok Kumar, a beggar; and his 10-year-old daughter, Barkha.

RBI increases withdrawal limits Analyses & Assessments

RBI increases withdrawal limits

On 30 Jan 17, RBI announced that it would be removing withdrawal restrictions on ATMs, from 01 Feb 17. Also with immediate effect, withdrawal limits on current accounts, cash credit and overdraft accounts stood revoked