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India Afghanistan trade Analyses & Assessments

India Afghanistan trade

India will soon hold talks with Afghanistan on ways to boost bilateral trade and investment. This move is also aimed at mounting pressure on Islamabad to facilitate trouble-free transit of goods from India to Afghanistan

Apartheid report Analyses & Assessments

Apartheid report

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has awarded the highest Palestinian honour to Rima Khalaf, a senior UN official who resigned on Friday amid pressure to withdraw a report that accused Israel of creating an apartheid state.

Duterte vs. impeachment Analyses & Assessments

Duterte vs. impeachment

An impeachment motion was filed last Thursday in the Congress of the Philippines against President Rodrigo Duterte. The motion cites the participation of the President in extrajudicial killings during his tirade against drugs. If proven guilty and passed, he could be impeached. On the 20th of March 2017, Duterte made a statement condemning the motion and said that he would remain by any means possible.  

Yogi Adityanath as UP CM Analyses & Assessments

Yogi Adityanath as UP CM

Yogi Adityanath was a "surprise" choice as BJP's Chief Minister for Uttar Pradesh, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party chief Amit Shah had always considered the Gorakhpur sanyasi as a strong contender.

Afghan Pakistan border re-opened Analyses & Assessments

Afghan Pakistan border re-opened

On the 20th of March 2017, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif announced his plans to re-open the border between Afghanistan and Pakistan.
The announcement comes only a month after he ordered..

Summer is coming Analyses & Assessments

Summer is coming

Public weather forecaster India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted that average temperatures will be a degree above normal in the country this summer. Large swathes could experience a heat wave, much like last year. 

Carbon pricing Analyses & Assessments

Carbon pricing

Germany will use its G20 Presidency to nudge world leaders towards a global price on carbon, according to its director general of energy policy. German government was preparing research that would reveal that business.

“No jab, no play” Analyses & Assessments

“No jab, no play”

In March 2017, Prime Minister of Australia, Malcolm Turnbull announced plans to continue his mission to boost child vaccination percentages in the country. His new plan is modelled around the slogan “No Jab, No Play”.

China’s dollar ambush Analyses & Assessments

China’s dollar ambush

Caught between competing priorities and the strength of the US currency, the renminbi might have limited chances to further develop into a full-fledged global currency. A few weeks after blaming Germany..

Israel carries out air strikes inside Syria Analyses & Assessments

Israel carries out air strikes inside Syria

Syria fired missiles at Israeli warplanes early Friday after a series of Israeli airstrikes inside Syria — a rare military exchange between the two hostile neighbors that was confirmed by both sides.

Donald Trump standoff with the GCHQ Analyses & Assessments

Donald Trump standoff with the GCHQ

The US has agreed not to repeat claims the UK's communications intelligence agency wiretapped Donald Trump in the weeks after he won the US election. GCHQ denied allegations made by the White House.. 

Opec’s faltering plan Analyses & Assessments

Opec’s faltering plan

Contrary to popular belief, there is still a surplus of oil in the worldwide market. OPEC’s cutting of production would only solve their depleting revenues if the supply of oil was going down in direct correlation to their restrictions..

Cyber War I Analyses & Assessments

Cyber War I

Cyberattack was just the latest directed against the United States by WikiLeaks last week: the release of an enormous cache of documents stolen from the Central Intelligence Agency. To visit the WikiLeaks website is to enter the trophy room.

Turkish hacks Analyses & Assessments

Turkish hacks

On the 15th of March, 2017 Hundreds of high profile twitter accounts were hacked by Pro-Erdogan Turkish hackers. The accounts including Forbes, Amnesty International and UNICEF were plastered with incendiary remarks.

Thailand 4.0 Analyses & Assessments

Thailand 4.0

Deputy Commerce Minister Suvit Maesincee has given a policy briefing on Thailand 4.0 to a gathering of 58 directors of Thai Trade Centers in various countries. The policy will lead to the restructuring of the Thai economy. 

Dutch elections Analyses & Assessments

Dutch elections

On March 15th, 13 Million people are heading to the election polls around the Netherlands to decide who will make up their next government. Current Prime Minister Mark Rutte will take on the head of the Party for Freedom

Karnataka budget 2017 Analyses & Assessments

Karnataka budget 2017

On 15 March 2017, the Karnataka Budget for 2017-18 was released and has proposed a number of measures to reduce the price of wine & cinema tickets. Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah announced in the State Budget

Park's ouster Analyses & Assessments

Park's ouster

Over the weekend, tens of thousands of people massed in Gwanghwamun Square, a large public space in the heart of the capital, Seoul, for one last Saturday evening protest, which ended with a firework display.

Trump votes for death penalty for being gay Analyses & Assessments

Trump votes for death penalty for being gay

On 3rd October 2017 the news was published by WashingtonSources saying that Trump votes for death penalty for being gay.


Scotland’s second independence vote Analyses & Assessments

Scotland’s second independence vote

On the 14th of March 2017, First Minister of Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon announced her intention to hold a second referendum on Scotland leaving the United Kingdom. This comes after the announcement of the triggering of Article 50